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Spring's Duty ending

Smells of wild garlic, bells of dark blue
Grasses in seed, blossoms of cherry
The garden alive, in the song of spring
We'll take it slow and let you limp round
It's hot today and sun warms your old bones
Sit on this carpet of green to enjoy
Flop on your side, old man, if you please
Not even seen, Robin, picking your fur
Postman arrival is not even heard
So you can take, that well warrante...

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Petsdogs mans best friendsaddeath loss friend

The Privileged walk

Scuffing leaves on the ground

With no other soul anywhere around

Hands in my pocket, keeping warm

My feelings swell to an indignant storm


Life at home isn't quite right

The yelling and shouting gives me a fright

"Best apart" says my instinct

But it's not like me to kick up a stink


Night times leave me cold, fearful and small

Ear to the glass, glass to the floor


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lonelynesslonelydomestic abusesadignored


you look at me like i'm insane

i can't tell if i am

if I turned out to be psychotic

would I even be this self-aware?


i put on obnoxious amounts of chapstick

cotton candy or strawberry-flavored

it severely drys out my lips

but I know you'll think of me when you see it at the store


I always attempt to blow up my life

just because you left me again

you run ever...

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relationshipsadself doubtjuxtapositionschoolsmart

The love you never received

To feel the love you never received;

To feel the affection that was given through grating words that come behind a “Im doing this because i care”,

To feel the sorry’s that were ‘paid’ to me, the gifts I had received to understand how ‘sorry’ you were after harming me, physically or verbally and if not, mentally.


‘I love you’; an affirmation of affection or deep caring, especially to ...

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lovemumsad poemssad

i miss being your daughter

we were close when i was little

you called me your sugar plum fairy

sat by my bed when my dreams were too scary

I didn't know then that our relationship was so brittle


you have mixed feelings about your own mother

maybe that's why you act the way you do

you rip me apart and then try to patch me up with glue

we both know you wouldn't ever do that to my brother


you ...

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mommommy issuessadteenage girlgrowing upchildhoodpoem

unachievable dreams

didn't wake up with the intention of being bad

I don't know why there's a pit in my stomach when no one is dead

run around my house and verbally beat up my dad

the screams sound bloodshed


he says, "there's so much you wanna do" 

and i obvert my eyes

wait around for a mental break-through

and make unachievable plans doing the highs


i wanna be a savior

and get th...

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sadteenagegirlteenagerrelationship with parentsdepressionanxietypoetry

the moon and the sun

you told me i’d only fail

laugh at my hopes and dreams

you act as if i’m frail

there’s often reoccurring themes 


you know i’m not dumb 

it’s just that you don’t care

so don’t ask me for gum

and don’t you give me that stare


i don’t know how we ever got along 

we’re opposites like the moon and the sun

you probably think you’re the moon, but i think that you’re...

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Chicken Every Meal

I get a little tired of it - folks who seem to think

they must be happy all the time or else they’re on the brink

of some traumatic end, oh yes, like everything is bad

if once in a blue moon they have to deal with being sad.


It makes no sense to me at all. Just what do they expect?

They should be happy day and night and never get set back.

Well, I can’t grasp it, not at all....

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Location unknown

No flesh or meat on the bone

Bereft of all comforting thought

This isn't what I was taught


I once knew a place

Where I knew every face

Now cold and dark

No warmth and no spark


I travel around in the void

Wondering round like a lost boy

And although I am able

Fully trained yet maimed and unstable


A ghostly belonging

Of betrayal ...

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