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Timeless Torment

In the blackest of your moments, wait with no fear 

Why do I feel your words and presence, so close and so near? 

Are we doing this again, communicating through signs?

How is this even possible, when I am no longer yours, and you are no longer mine?

It’s been six months, when will this end? 

I can still feel you, this connection won’t seem to bend 

If we were not soulmates, then ...

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Weaving Lines

In script, I chase elusive breath, emotions' subtle pleading,
Such words enfold, deceit swathed in a tender, soft misleading.
To paint the world through poet's lens, the rarest hues I borrow,
In stanzas sail, through mind's vast sea, where verses trade in sorrow.

A tinkerer of syllables, line by measured essence,
Might muse perceive a poet's form, shadowed in your presence?
We waltz beneat...

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Self doubtrhymeimagerywords

The Inner Feeling

The inner feeling

In which they are hidden

There’s no power of healing

The things that are forbidden


A little, tiny, very small

Peeking through the wall

Short, not very tall

The most whimsical of us all


Power we cannot see

The ghastly things are up for a walk

The prisoners are we

Suddenly we’re not able to talk


A dried fiend,

A false end,


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Karma's Consequence

Now I’ll be like your ghost 

You’ll feel me everywhere 

But I’ll be nowhere to be seen 

Haunted by my memories 

Tortured by my presence in your heart 

And I’ll miss you 

Like the deserts miss the rain 

And as you wander in search of others 

To fill the void, gain a sense of fulfilment 

As your luck and name change meaning 

You’ll soon begin to realise

All roads lea...

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Penguins, Popsicles and Polar Bears

Astronauts were packing it in.

​​​​​Wrapping up a long mission

when the ships sensors had a vision.
Beyond the hill of ice.
On a planet deemed to have no life.
A sign of life before them
beyond the hill were penguins.
Sliding down the peak
with Popsicles in their beaks.
A bundle over polar bears
sat watching in folding chairs
on the planet of Coldairus.

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Final Farewell

My Darling,

You hold so much sadness in your eyes 

I can almost touch the scars of your soul and cry 

The twin flame I once saw in you 

Turned into a stranger 

Whom my heart cannot recognise 

Someone I never knew 

Thinking of life without you 

Makes me feel as though 

I will never see summertime again 

And the coldness of an eternal winter fills me with woe

No matt...

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Monster in the Mirror

They say that twin flames go through periods of separation

And this I know to be true 

For you were right, we did need this time apart 

However, I am praying it doesn’t last 

I needed to discover me and you needed to discover you 

Because even though we are one, our souls have still been split in two 

And we needed to work on ourselves separately

In order to reunite anew 


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Soulmate Symphonies

If you desire to heal, let yourself fall ill 

You desired peace

So undoubtedly, with every hardship, there comes ease 

If you only have the strength to believe 

I forgive you for doing as you please 

I am proud of the changes I have seen 

It’s making me believe, perhaps you are changing into the man I knew you would be 

I believe you may have read my words 

And I want you t...

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Last Lies

I told you I wouldn’t write you any more poems, 

And in that, I lied 

For don’t you know 

You’ll always be the apple of my eye 

However this poem is different, it’s unlike mine 

I mixed others I’ve read

Hoping you’ll someday see what has been said

May you read the rhymes and know it’s me 

But the mix-up of phrases I wanted you to see 

That despite my best efforts 


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Desperate Despair

I am trying to move on 

As I’ve realised this time you’re truly gone 

But what am I supposed to do 

When everything reminds me of you? 

Every day, I have been searching 

For you, my lonely heart has been yearning 

With a pit in my stomach and a lump in my throat 

I found your account and now I know 

All my suffering has been in vain 

My broken heart and all my pain 


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Lost Love

Words cannot express the pain 

I feel at your hands once again 

My entire heart has been torn apart 

Smashed on the ground into tiny shards 

Like the Christmas ball that bore our names 

Scattered over the floor, all in vain 

And while I hurried to pick up the sharps 

I looked up only to watch you laugh 

In my desperate attempt to fix what’s broken 

For you to tell me I’m...

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