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Final Farewell

My Darling,

You hold so much sadness in your eyes 

I can almost touch the scars of your soul and cry 

The twin flame I once saw in you 

Turned into a stranger 

Whom my heart cannot recognise 

Someone I never knew 

Thinking of life without you 

Makes me feel as though 

I will never see summertime again 

And the coldness of an eternal winter fills me with woe

No matter what you have done

Or how you have made me feel 

You have always been my beautiful disaster

My love has been real

A sunset bleeding into a stormy night

A melody played on broken strings 

A rose blooming on a battlefield 

And I would rather drown in your shadows 

Then swim in someone else’s light 

But when all is said and done 

I suppose grief is the price we pay for love 

With every new person you meet 

May you be less inclined to deny the truth 

There will never be another soul 

That loves and understands you the way I do 

To be in love with you is to understand 

The feeling of the entire Universe 

Wrapped up into a single breath 

Sometimes I ask myself 

How many graves will I need 

To bury everything that died inside of me when you left 

For my thoughts destroy me 

But when I try not to think 

Your silence becomes my killer too 

You have told me to move on 

Said I deserve someone new 

But you are still the one I want 

To be my one love true 

As you have drawn memories in my mind I cannot erase 

You have painted colours in my heart that I cannot replace 

Because your eyes once stole my heart 

Your smile gave me life 

Your presence made me high 

And your touch left me breathless 

But when I watched my reflection in your eyes as you left 

I saw two people I no longer recognised 

Yet I am still in love with you 

As death is in love with life 

As darkness is in love with light 

As the Moon loves the Sun 

My love for you can never be undone 

For how could you ever be unloved by me 

When you are completely tangled in my soul 

There isn’t a day that goes by when you are not on my mind 

For you, my longing is ongoing 

I am frozen in time 

William Shakespeare once said 

“Doubt thou the stars are fire 

Doubt that the sun doth move 

Doubt truth to be a liar 

But never doubt I love”, you 

What is the depth of love 

Without the heartache of solitude?

I may not have been the whole ocean you were looking for 

But I tried to give you everything I had, each and every drop 

No flowers grow without rain 

And I suppose that I too, cannot grow without pain 

But I gave you everything, so what more did you need? 

What did you find in them, you didn’t see in me? 

There are days when all I feel for you is anger 

Overwhelming anger that I cannot control 

And on others, I feel sadness, but I can’t cry anymore

So I sit here, numb to the feeling, but knowing what I feel 

Wondering where it was we went wrong 

There are things I wish I had said a million times more 

And words I wish I had never thought of 

“I love you”, a different feeling for that phrase every day 

Then perhaps you would have stayed

It’s like there’s a raging storm in my body

Constantly fighting whether to hate you or to miss you 

Neither one is any easier 

They both bring me pain 

A feeling you are only just beginning to understand 

You walked away like I was nothing 

And I don’t know what I want more some days 

My happiness, my other half, my best friend back in my life

Or to just move on

Maybe it’s finally time to let you go 

Even though you have always meant more than the world to me 

Because I think I love you too much 

It’s a weight, a darkness, constant heaviness

That pulls down at the core of my being 

Like a shadow

It’s inseparable from me 

Moving as I move, breathing as I breathe 

In my love, I find a quiet despair 

An echo of something profound, yet unsettling 

It’s not the love that poets glorify or songs celebrate 

It’s a love that consumes, burns and leaves nothing but ashes of what once was 

I fear my love for you 

For it is not just an emotion 

But a relentless force that reshapes my very existence 

To love you too much is to lose myself in the abyss of you 

To dissolve into the darkness that your absence creates 

In this love, there is no solace 

Only an unending thirst that no other affection can quench 

Each day

I wrestle with the paradox of wanting you closer 

Yet fearing the engulfing tide of my own emotions 

To love you this much is a curse 

A beautiful, tragic curse that I bear silently 

For in this love

I am both the prisoner and the jailer 

Locked away by my hearts unyielding grip 

I know

That one day you’ll look back and realise 

You should have tried 

You’ll remember the love in my eyes 

The warmth of my touch, the sound of my voice 

That once made your heart race 

But by then, it will be too late 

I will have moved on 

Healed from your scars 

And found joy in my own life 

I won’t need you to make me smile anymore 

And as you watch me from a distance

Thriving and happy 

You’ll regret letting me go 

You’ll realise that you had something precious 

Something irreplaceable 

And you let it slip through your fingers 

You will realise that you should have fought for me 

But now it’s too late 

You’ll see me laugh, you’ll see the glow on my face and hear my voice once again 

And it will hit you 

That you shouldn’t have left me when I was begging for you to come back 

My face will remind you of the hurt we shared 

And that’s when you’ll hear your heart shatter 

That's when you’ll feel what you’ve lost 

Because I would have learned how to be myself again 

I would have learned how to pick up my pieces after you left 

You will wish that you have the chance to hold me once again 

But I will be too full of life to accept your half-love 

And one day, you will realise 

That not everyone is replaceable 

I will be everywhere you look 

But nowhere to be found 

And that will be my revenge 

But the moment I first saw you 

I promised myself that my heart would never wander 

Never seek another 

I vowed to love no one new 

To never feel for anyone

The way I feel for you 

Our journey, filled with challenges 

Is a path we will walk together 

Hand in hand, step by step

We will face every storm 

To our last breath

Every high and every low 

I pray that you will always know

My priority, my deepest commitment 

Is to make us last 

Not just for a lifetime, but far beyond that 

Our love is a fortress worth guarding

Worth every effort 

Each difficulty we encounter, each obstacle we overcome 

Strengthens the bond between us 

It’s forges a resilience in our love that is unbreakable 

Every hardship is a brick in the foundation of our relationship 

Making it stronger and more enduring 

I can’t even begin to envision a future without you 

A life without you is like a sky without stars 

Or a story without words 

You are my dream of the future I never want to wake from 

With you, every moment is precious 

Every second is worth more than a lifetime 

Our love is a legacy 

A timeless tale that will echo throughout all of history 

For you 

I promise to love endlessly 

Beyond the definition of time 

Throughout the fall of the skies 

Until the day I die 

So this is not goodbye;


Until we meet again. 



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Mon 5th Feb 2024 09:16

Thank you both Stephen and Clare for your kind words and taking the time to read my poetry. I write from the heart with no expectations of anyone to read it; so considering you’ve taken your time to read my words and leave a comment means the world to me. Thank you 💜💗

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Stephen Atkinson

Sun 4th Feb 2024 15:40

Some wonderful lines here. Perhaps, a bit too long, but I guess it's your heart spilling down upon the page. A wonderful piece. 🌈👏

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Sun 4th Feb 2024 13:30

Wow … amazing poem! 🦋🦋🦋

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