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The Gap

Don’t shoot!

Stop the violence,

Stop the killing.

Don’t waste your time with gods,

Or clerics on the greasy pole,

Or warped ideology

Which tells you what to think,

Or the cult of the madmen,

The travelling circus,

The usual suspects,

The old men in suits,

The gap –

Between the theory and the practice.

Be yourself;

Lay down your arms,

Reach out your hand...

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For Peace

we have to fight a war
against terror
against psychological terror
against psychopathical leaders
we have to fight a war

United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA)


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Mindfulness calling

There's a phone at my work

And you might think me a berk

But it calls me from a mindful zone

A place I like to visit alone


Ear to the top

As sounds fizzle and hop

It is a direct line

To feeling fine


I hear wind, birds, hussle and bustle

A universe unexplored in the rustle

Even in short bursts, it quenches my thirst

Distorting my mind toward what's first


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Timeless Chill

Granite grandeur draped in snow,

soft whisper falls, clear water flows.


No hand extends to measure time,

no cares ascend, no worries find.


For purpose fades into the still,

a tranquil peace here in the chill


What part of time and space am I?

So small beneath the endless sky,


a spec of dust, a grain of sand…

yet cradled in the Master’s hand.

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A viper slides its way beneath the grass;

The animals of prey are on the prowl.

The innocent and helpless stand no chance

Against the savage tastes of hawk and owl.


Upstairs, forbidden lovers take the plunge;

Their beads of sticky sweat adorn the bed.

She’s fast asleep while he boosts up his pack;

Outside waits a procession of the dead.


The hunters beat the heavin...

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