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Gracious as her title
God Blessed the earth with this noble warrior by name
Like oxygen to survive she is vital
Unique lady unlike any other
For Jane we are blessed Bright mother
Her heart dances and sings
Fine cut like a diamond
As golden as her rings
This lady is flamboyant as true as her beauty
She oozes style
Eyes sparkling like stars I see her soul in her smile
She cares and loves

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The One you Used to Be

I want you to be

The one you used to be

Bright and fresh

And forever drinking tea


I want you back again

The one you used to be

Bright and bold

I want you back with me


It breaks my heart to see you now

Not the one you used to be

Now your thoughts are dulled with age

I wish I could set you free


I’ll always remember you as you were

The one you use...

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Mother, My Muse!

Sometimes I feel

I am alone,

None is there

But when I look at

The blooming lotus,

I feel I am among thousand

Happiness and

I am sparkled with


This lotus is my mother:

My muse!

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What a Mother Really Is!

‘Ma’- the word sounds very little but

The world has not enough words to describe a mother.

 A mother is born affectionate.

The moon that had been illuminating the earth for so long,

It hid the face after mother was being created.

When a mother smiles, it seems as if the falling

Fountain makes a song of peace.

A mother is the garnish of life.

Life except mother is the ...

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The Fire

you lay numb

hypotherminc, dying

the fire, it dances

taunting, flickering, in and out

like hope

hope that it may help

help to that your frozen fingertips

slow your chattering teeth

soothe, ebb the icy grasp of the violent, pulsing

piercing burning

that is your fear and your doubt and denial

the drowning, whispering, screaming

wave that comes crashing

beating ...

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you are drowning

swim, I know you can

you don't realize

the water

it will kill you

it already has

for, why don't you scream?


but your voice is lost

not even 

the bubbles

reach the surface

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