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I see tomorrow, born from death

When death steal your tomorrow
leaving you with more questions than sorrows
What is life, so fragile, no time to waste
who am I, where do I belong, where is my space?

Memories painting a picture against the wall
trying to make sense of yesterday’s Fall
Some make you smile, some make you cry
there is nothing of yesterday to deny.

As time tempers the Mind and heals the Heart
the Soul is...

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Burning Gold

you've ignited a fire

deep within my soul

that once was a blue ember

now burns gold 

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goldlighting firesoulembersdeep


Sometimes I think

Who I am but always I

Feel my existence.


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You Cannot Apply Makeup To Your Soul

Whatever my body, my soul is beautiful
Whatever my wealth, my soul is rich
Whatever the chaos, my soul is tranquil

Whatever the burden, my soul supports me
Whatever I lose, my soul will stay

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meditationshort poemsoulall that I am


Oh young blinded promiscuous one
In years you will wonder were your soul has gone
Your eyes they once twinkled brighter than jewels
Shadowed by other promiscuous fools
Unbeknownst to you these wild nights of fun
Are binding agreements that cant be undone
You give You away without a care
Without a thought your soul you do share
Oh vulnerable naive promiscuous one
Were have all your morals ...

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