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Four Haikus outside at Christmas in Yorkshire

Holding arms open

the snow tickles your shoulders

in a cold silence.




putting on your gloves

you wish you had your hat on

stepping in the snow.




Whispering winter

the snow turns the station white

shunning the moon’s scorn.




Opening the door

boat was frozen in the lake

freezing getting home.

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What is inspiration meant to me?

Inspiration is within in ourself

Which we know: is the energy to move on

During when we feel uninspired

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haiku #5

a thousand voices

cast away in my shadows

listen! can't you hear?

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haikumental healthpoetryParanoia

haiku #4

our souls have parted

and the memories we shared

slip into darkness 

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haiku #3

nature is sleeping

under a blanket of white 

to wake in the spring

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haiku #2

this world we have built

like sand through an hourglass

succumbs to despair

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haikupoetryour world

haiku #1

how cold it is now

in a world of one colour 

the winter is pale

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Walking aimlessly

Towards some places unknown

'Til I'm home at last

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lostfinding yourselflife purposehaiku

Peace from the Sirens

(Wrote the other week in a zoom poetry reading after hearing a Indian Poet describe about how they are constantly hearing ambulances going past their home with ill people from pandemic. I aimed for a haiku with this but the poem decided otherwise and it became a closeish Haiku instead)



No Ambulances

you long for peace

from the sirens




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Short poemHaiku

The Sea

The sound of the sea

Poetry to my psyche

Siren's song to soul

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#NaPoWriMo 2021 - Haiku of Life (1984 and 1985)


We still don’t want you
your class team to said after
scoring twice for them.

(A early memory of playing in my class football team. 
It was not the best of times as I never really fitted in that class)


Waking me early
I knew my nana had died
before mother said.

(My mum’s mum, my nana died in hospital 10 years or so after 
the death of her husband, my granddad all...

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Haiku #10 2021


Spring fluffs fall like snow
"all is lost; our end is mud"
but wake up a tree





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Easter Haiku

feathered fuchsia tree
fuzzy seeds, float freely, fall–
mission: flower tree

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Footprint (A New Haiku)


The sound of laughter

is carried in the soft breeze

a footprint in time.

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悪夢 | Akumu

Dreams play hide-and-seek,

Thoughts trying to catch my sleep

Caught, but nightmares creep.

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Haiku #7 2021


spring is springing up:
green fingers pierce through the ice,
no force can cancel.


Limericist 2021

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cancel-culturehaikuWinter to spring

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