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Make Mama Cry

When they say to stay gold

Is it for bright days to sit between your ears?

All the cotton clouds, two or three, right there?

Or is it to find strength for your arms to pull you over the mossed edge?


Mama cried after every light accomplishment

Whether it be reinstated love or you set a day aside for treks and hikes

Or graduated from University


You seen Mama cry when t...

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Moonlight Sonata


She had moonlight in her eyes

Starlight in her hair

Her smile became the sunrise

That burned away despair


She took me to the clouds

Weaved rainbows from the grey

And showed me all the colours

That life had on display


And under starry skies

Where galaxies unfold dreams

We ran into the cosmos

To find its hidden seams 


But I lost you to the star...

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emotion has no language 

but still it melts 

when someone touches it

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Agadonon's Stead

Flowers & Hummingbirds

I hear the wind over your voice every morning

Something sweet of your breath while I am running

In the willow leaves woven is golden hair


The bronze-valley of her eyes when the sun comes

Begin to glow

I keep running not knowing where I’m going


She is there

I know I would like to go home


Flowers and hummingbirds know the story

Of w...

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Can I drown in the pools of your eyes?

Be entangled with your body like vines

stretching down the length of me

as if to swallow me whole?

You fascinate my mind and satisfy my soul.

Can I melt into the curve of your lips??

Your mouth and mine make the perfect mix...

they beg to stir my passion within

and send me to worlds I've never been

before I explored you.

Can I st...

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Captivatedhopeless romanticlove

Bleached Bland

softly she breathes

night coats her head

I wish I lay in a different bed


some women thrill

one look inflames

their kicks come from playing games


she's too banal

her lips lukewarm

the polar reverse of a sensual storm


no excitement

zero surprise

I know exactly what's behind those eyes


it's been one year

itchy my feet

not enough her being ...

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boredomitchy feetloveshockstalenessworm turns

One Last Time

Warmed Shea butter and lavender oil

Fresh shaven skin and clean wet coils

Sheets spread thick over plastic toppings

A still night begs climactic rocking

Satin gown, rose painted toes

Plump breasts and a powdered nose

Footsteps bring erratic knocking…

A still night begs climactic rocking

Reluctant greetings, body reading…

“I’ve missed you” he says

A candle’s flicker si...

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Your Protector


In the morning I held you so tightly

As the dawn light drizzled our bed

Wondering if your dreams fluttered lightly

From the kaleidoscope in your head


Did the rays of the sun come and catch them?

And filter a rainbow of dreams

Then gently release & dispatch them

Into shimmering rivers and streams


Did the water taste like sweet nectar?

To the ones who drank ...

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she conjured my fate

juggled my dreams

with her visions my memory teems


I was treading water

sitting on my hands

she took me off to distant lands


hands that soothed

performed illusions

making sense of my delusions


shelter in her cloak

solace from her eyes

with my pain her mercy vies


that charming smile

she shone abroad

seemed to lift my...

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you can't stop it

love gathers dust

its downhill from the end of lust


so hot she squeaked

her touch a scorch

nothing doused my flaming torch


wet mouth a snare

long limbs a web

we knew this inferno could not ebb


ugly but chic

lithe and svelte

a body that would never melt


we sit here now

old and forlorn

wishing we had never been born



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agedustgoodbyeslovelustterminal illnessyouth

Blue Sheets

the tears are gone

her eyes are dry

dawn breaks unblinking in the sky


I've confessed all

my conscience clean

surprised she did not make a scene


all those women

the casual lies

yet no questions or fluttering whys


no hint of shock

her sheets are blue;

I told her what she already knew


she'd sucked it up

loved me so much

forgiven all just f...

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