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No more heartfelt apologies.

This poem was written in the wake of the Windrush scandal and a look in my past life as a child been racially abused in my school days of 1997. the words I have used here may be considered offensive to some but are used here to hit the nail home they are and never will be acceptable in this time of age, as I am sick of the halfhearted apologies people make for saying them. 


This one goes o...

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Fueled by rage,
I'm in a cage,
I'm ready to go off,
Like a fuckin' 12 gauge,
Set off by hate,
I cannot debate,
That you weren't there,
So let me get this straight,
Your bullshit and your lies,
I really despise,
You're nothing but a fake,
You can't fool the wise,
You left me to hang,
You left me to dry,
So watch me succeed,
While I watch you cry.

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beautiful disaster.

A volcano
Aching to reach the skies
Tries and tries
Spits ash into the air that's always blown away
A mountain
Full of fire
The heat of a thousand suns stirs within
But no one could ever see through the smoke he creates -
How every magician disappears
Smoke & mirrors
But when he explodes
Take cover
He will burn you to the ground

A hurricane
Twists and turns
The world upsid...

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