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Story of Night

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So you are lost in dreams so deep whole night

And I long to hear phone's beep whole night


At dawn, I realised, my awakening

Though my destiny remained asleep whole night


I know the remedy, I know the toxin..

What to leave, and what to keep whole night


She might have waited for me to take her back

This is what made me to weep whole night


Sharafat, night i...

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So, what the hell are we all supposed to do?  Well.... nothing.  Not do a single friggin' thing.  Because thinking that we are all out to get each other only makes us want to get at each other. Stop worrying, and start appreciating.  That's the only way out of this mess.  Care more about other people than yourself.  Stop taking everything personally. Stop believing politicians.  Stop buying boxed ...

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Confidence in a Man

He easily closes the space between them

She’s near enough now; he breathes her in

But before taking anything else

He consumes the beauty before him

The flutter of heavy eyelids before they close

The parting of soft lips before they’re exposed

The holding of breath before being taken

There’s confidence, yes.

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Words About To Break

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Why don't you kill me
By the speed of light
And forget those times
When evenings vanished
On our wet heads
And when we together
Sighed so much that
We were prone to break

Let me hold you
In my endless arms
Where I will lose you
In the depth of Love
And I will find you
Again in the dreams
The dreams those
Crave for my sleep
In my sleepless nights

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I asked

I asked If I wrote for you would you read it? I asked if I still had love for you would you need It? All I can think about is when we on that dock had our first kiss, Cupid shot that arrow and did not miss, How will I get through this? When you asked me to leave caused all this pain, Every day we have been apart has driven me insane.

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So far gone

I’m worried you’re not okay. 

That the taste of my lips can’t revive you. 

I throw my love at you. 

But you refuse to accept it. 

You live with your tounge not your heart. 

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Have you counted the seconds that we have been apart , 

I have ,

I've counted grains of sand from an hour glass,

Watched every last one fall 

Hoping When it reached the bottom you'd be here again 

The cycle repeats and nothing has changed. 

The damage is done ,

I can't get this time back 

I should've gave you more when I had it. 

Every second. 

Every lesson 

This t...

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Raven Beauty

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Come The Raven, darkest Queen,

With beauty rare, if seldom seen,

And with her come a dire dread,

The finest dread I've ever had.


Her sorcery it boils my blood

Commands a spell, for love to flood.

Spite all of dark arts that I know,

I’m Powerless to halt its flow.


For free will now, I have, and yet,

Around my neck, a yoke she set,

And lock my heart, in dungeo...

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Dark Beauty

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your lip stick must be posion 

your breath must be so cold 

your eyes can be so piecering 

it seems to match your soul 

a devil in high heels     

a devil in a dress 

how can you be so evil

and at the same time be so blessed 


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Go far 

without me 

I was the anchor 

you were the sail 

you were born to fly 

I was born to fail


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Letting Golove

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You leave me lost for words even when my thoughts aren’t pacing.


I just want you to call me mi amor, grab me, then have my heart racing. 


Though often I wonder, is it unrequited love that I am chasing? 


But I would risk it all for you —  even spend an eternity waiting.


Side note: 愛 means love in Japanese 

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You're a nice sensation when you are on my lips

I love to touch you with my fingertips

I like the feeling when you are going down

You say nothing, and you never frown


You're tall, slim and as cool as ice

When you touch my cheek it's very nice

Oh love is blind, yet I can see

You're my favourite G and T


Oh my, my, my, my G and T

How I love you ...

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Beyond A Dream

I've found a love which

Encompasses all

My happiness is almost unbearable

Am I worthy of all this wonderment?

Never did I believe anything

So beautiful could exist

The honesty of us needs no

Pretence, the feeling so


Takes my breath away


Written in 1990

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A Single Flower

A single flower encapsulates

An aura, your feelings

So intense

Intimacy, two bodies, one soul

A dreamlike existence

You caress the petals

Breathe in its heady fragrance

You need it like life-giving oxygen

Be here now and give me

The kiss of life


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I'll Keep Wishing

I could start with something silly
some lofty language to woo You,
but I'll start with something simple
All I can say is I love You

I wish I could explain it,
but it's inexplicable
I wish I could put it to words,
but I'm not much of a wordsmith
I wish I could make You understand,
but my brain can't make sense of my heart.

I'm sorry my wishes aren't coming true,
but thank You for lov...

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Alone Again

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alone again 

because of my selfish moves

you was going through some shit 

I couldn’t help you through

at least I didn’t try 

and now regrets from my decision eats me alive

you were my light 

now you're my dark 

a true love story  

and you write the parts

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Let me be free 

I'm alone 

but in chains 

to the memory of you 

I became

a slave 


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Invaded Identity

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I am me

Who said this? 

So is my body

An invaded custody

Occupied by her

Thoughts and memories

Two sided glossaries

Not a reflection is mine

That would determine

My own identity

Out of my sanctity


I may be a string

Of any cacophonous Sitar

Where she creates

On my wounds

Riot of sounds

Without bounds

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miles and miles 

miles apart 

you still got my heart 

the one from the start 

you gave me that spark 

took me out the dark 

I took you for granted  

 you still stand by my side

you are my heart beat 

you’re the reason I breathe 

without you where would I be 

you are my heart beat

and you can believe  

with out you theres no me 

you are my  heart beat 


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stood there with a blank stare  

a beautiful nightmare 

this devil in a dress 

or an angel in distress 

crowd full of women and I’m focused on you 

grab another drink the clubs open till two 

bartender asks what i’m having 

I reply I was hoping for you .. 

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Drinking About You

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Drinking about you all night long 

Playing all your favorite songs 

You said you loved me 

I believed you 

When you said 

I’d never leave you 

I’m drinking about you 

I’m drinking about you 

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Do not waste your tears 

on a guy like me 

don’t blur the picture

your eyes might see 

this is not a loss its a gain 

you can be yourself again 

feel no hurt and feel no pain 

all that fighting left you drained 

all that crying I done caused 

al that lying I would talk 

relieved you ain't wit me 

this toxic love to say the least

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