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An illness is vicious

Any can be frightful from pneumonia to cancer

It’ll make all of your loved ones suspicious

Now the worst isn’t the goodbying

Losing your roar as your fire burns out is

Or never being able to kiss your beautiful wife once you’re dying


Smoking your last cigarette

Your lungs fill with smoke and doubt

Your chances of living are to those of Rus...

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sad poemsdeathillnessfamily

Gene Trap

The sin of the father is the sin of the son

From, anger, to greed, to lust, every family has one

But to better ourselves and our own families

We try to be better, though it brings us to our knees




Though we try to be better, genetics and us

Work together as well as an old blunderbuss

In the hands of a fool, none the wise

To the power...

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Far Away

Maybe it’s those absent eyes,
gone searching for their better days,
that give away your hide and seek disguise
and tell me that you’re far away.

Are you back in New York,
chasing that old American dream
through the concrete foundations
on which you built our family's beam?

Or are you in Wigan’s Central park,
in Billy Boston’s Empire State,
watching Warriors paint the town red
then p...

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Grief eases

When grief consumes completely, 
And tears cease only from exhaustion.
When life has stolen what you love,
And you droop like a flowers wilting deterioration.
Remind yourself, even though you cannot see it,
These wretched feelings are not your jail,
This will not forever be it.

You will again find laughter in life,
The beauty in the world, love and light.
Do not underestimate how hard t...

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The flower head is set to burst wide open.

Dormant in this tired space,

Matured and rooted by the year,

It sways in gentle rhythm with this slowing autumn time.


Bulging now with future life, it stands

As testament to nature’s cycle.

Soon its seeds will spread afar,

Exploding silent and unseen, like time and time before.


And from the casting of those flyspeck seeds

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A poem written after lunch today.

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My my how they've grown

those little ones with new and

weighty lives of their own

pecks on the cheek on arrival and departure

at our height, though we feel

the diminution  of age.



already driving, commanding troops

with phones,  and it seems that

we are at the top and bottom

of all this splendour, emerging

from a sublime challenge, waiting for ne...

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my cousin simone

Now let me tell you a little rhyme,

About one of the greatest cousins of all time.

She’s feisty, funny and all so pretty,

Plus did i mention she’s all so witty.

She has hair so long and fair, I can’t help but stop and stare.

She set up her own little business,

Which was all about food forgiveness,

Promoting her juice plus,

Which she goes to meetings to discuss.

How these...

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friendshipfamilylovegood lifesongs

I miss my brother

I miss my brother

I miss my friend

Think of all the places we could have been 

Although I know I can not hide 

I should be there by your side 

But then I see this look in your eyes 

I have lost my brother, yet he's still alive 

Your the only friend I could sit in peace 

And see the world. It's queens and beasts. So is there hope because your still breathing? Or have i lost ...

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Your born into a family
No one knows why 
Is it souls recconecting
Or random out of the sky 
You learn lessons from all 
Good and bad 
But family is something not everyone has
Some endlessly search  with false expectations 
And  some find love with no altercations. 
Open your mind and then you will see
Family is nothing different than a tree 
Leaves will come and go while branches will ...

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He nods to one side

Gives in to a few minutes

Maybe half an hour’s worth of tiredness.

In his bungalow

Time is stood still

Mid afternoon melts in through the curtains

Through the half open window.

Outside impatient young mums

Scold their primary school children for wanting to go on the swings

When they just want to get back home

And plant them in front of the tv


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agefamilylonelyold man

My Hero

When you are a teenager,

You might get asked who your hero is.

And answers may vary

From celebrities to parents.


But my hero is my brother.

My brother is my hero because,

He always cares for me

And he never gives up on you,

No matter who you are.


He's caring,




And so much more.


My brother is my hero because

When I'm i...

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Air ForceArmyBrotherFamilyHereosMarinesMilitaryNavy

Do you love me now?

Do you love me now?

After I’ve gone to such lengths to straighten out

the kinks and fill in the chinks in my armour.

I try to smile and look respectable,

though it’s my reputation on the line and not yours,

and here the line is curved and squiggly.

It’s not just god, faith and honour anymore,

though I’m willing to try, even if the cost is terrible.


Do you love me now?


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lovefamilycoming out

Thursday, Pt.2

The Prelude to the weekend

where people drink till the wee hours of the night

hoping to finally take flight away from the stress of the past three days.

Knowing that these moments never last forever

that is why families stay tighter than leather.

fly under any weather.

Distance is obsolete when it comes to this family

varying directions we may be in our lives,

yet when we r...

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