my cousin simone

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Now let me tell you a little rhyme,

About one of the greatest cousins of all time.

She’s feisty, funny and all so pretty,

Plus did i mention she’s all so witty.

She has hair so long and fair, I can’t help but stop and stare.

She set up her own little business,

Which was all about food forgiveness,

Promoting her juice plus,

Which she goes to meetings to discuss.

How these magic pills can bring you five a day,

And how little people have to pay.

She works in a cinema with all the movies,

Whilst she’s on a diet of healthy smoothies.

She gets free tickets for everyone,

Which makes them feel like they have won,

A free pass to peck her head all the more,

Which really becomes quite a bore.

I remember the first time that we met,

But i never would have bet,

That we would be such good friends,

Even though our families could never make amends.

She makes me laugh with her humour,

I really wish i had met her sooner.

I love my cousin simone,

She never makes me groan,

She is always there for me,

There no place i would rather her be,

As jessica glynn sings in that song,

Our life together will be forever long.

I remember brittany spears all over your wall,

You just loved everything about her overall,

Six years later mycock came into your life,

And now he wants you as a sweet little wife,

How very cute you two both are,

Let’s hope this love does not scar.

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