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My Hero

When you are a teenager,

You might get asked who your hero is.

And answers may vary

From celebrities to parents.


But my hero is my brother.

My brother is my hero because,

He always cares for me

And he never gives up on you,

No matter who you are.


He's caring,




And so much more.


My brother is my hero because

When I'm in distress he helps me save myself

And he always protects me from harm's way.


My brother is a hero because

He's sacrificing his parties

And coming home at 2-3 o'clock in the morning

To protect this country

Alongside the other brave & courageous men and women

Fighting and working together

Whether on land standing side by side

In the face of the enemy,

On a ship in the sea whose waves

are harsher than any parents lecture would dream to be,

Or in the air with jets and planes

Every child fantasizes about.


My brother and all the men and women

Fighting with him are my heros because

They risk their lives for the innocent

and each other.


So next time I'm asked who my hero is,

My answer won’t vary from

a celebrity to my parents.

My answer will be my brother

and the men and women alongside him


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