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Where were the words

why couldn't we talk

So much I wanted to say 

but the words got caught in my throat


Why did the magnet push us apart

when there were words to say


Could it be different at a different time

was it just the timing

I don't know


So awkward 

So off beat


We couldn't get the timing 

of the dance


Yet the magnet d...

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I'll Walk Away, But I Won't Go That Far

I walk into the room and I see a thunderstorm coming

Because I see you’re angry and you know I’m there.

You start shooting at me your spiteful words

And I start crying, but you don’t really care.


I walk out knowing you’re the bad guy of this movie,

But you’re so good at putting up a pity show.

It is always the excuse of what you’ve been through

When you say you’re sorry f...

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Things have changed

My heart over powers my head lately

Must be linked to my stomach

I'm always feeling sick

Things changed

My person has opened up

I've been shut down for so long

I require drastic change

Shame is what I'm swimming in

I don’t feel guilty I just hate

Knowing how you are going to look at me

I never know what you think

I feel like you will just settle with me

Instead ...

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depressionhurtim sorrylostrelationships endingstressedtimes changedweak

You Always Hurt the Ones You Love

You always hurt the ones you love,
As if that makes it okay to tell your friends the things that embarrass me,

Laughing along with them at the things you’ve said to me.

You always hurt the ones you love,

As if that makes it alright for you to get in my face over nothing and scream,

Only to come back acting like flowers can cover up what I really see.

You always hurt the ones you lov...

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The Voice

My inner voice

More than just an uncomfortable thought

an enemy

a enemy to myself and my peers

self destructing thoughts

relationship crushing voice

jealousy when there should be none

“I love you” but “I hate you”

The voice that tells me to live my life

The voice that tells me to end it

The voice that I can’t escape

The voice that I create

I’m not sure how much ...

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depressionhurtinner voicepainsadnesssuicide

I stare at the cupid's bow

Of your love throwing

Arrows at my desperate skin

Piercing my soul

Igniting my warmth


My heart the elastic

Limb of your bow

I collect the arrows

Of your words displayed

As the armour of my

World a fortress of adoration


Hemorrhaging at your precision

The drawback your only pain

Moving into your line

Of sight once more


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when you are hurt

emotionaly or physicly

when you put up with everything

because it is the easy way out

when you return battered and bruised

feelings hurt, ego lowered

you start to say is ok

becuase you arnt worth any thing more


it stops now

i stuck up for you

what do i get in return



the moment i speak up

the day i stop putting up with it


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A Single Tear

A single tear rolls tenderly down his face.

From his eye to his lips to the edges of his chin,

It runs away from it’s creator.


More and more are formed,

Time struggling its way up to a regular rhythm,

The tear drops to the floor, overlooked as a distant memory.


It sinks into the wooden surface,

Making its final resting place there.


The other tears are less fr...

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A Single Knife in the Kitchen Sink

A single knife in the kitchen sink.

Its warm blade, used and discarded.


Fresh liquid dissipates gently into the water,

transferring its fragile bond away from the solitary metal.


The gentle waves wash over its sharp edges,

Whilst its owner viciously scrubs at their hands in the pale water.


Once full of dominance and purpose,

It lies there, useless and despised, ...

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