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Where were the words

why couldn't we talk

So much I wanted to say 

but the words got caught in my throat


Why did the magnet push us apart

when there were words to say


Could it be different at a different time

was it just the timing

I don't know


So awkward 

So off beat


We couldn't get the timing 

of the dance


Yet the magnet d...

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Horrible Bliss

Very surely I’ve been remiss
To imagine you, darling, like this!
Oh, the melded hours have cruelly conspired
To strand me in ecstasies of longing—which I so desired!—
To abandon me to oceans of thoughts of your kiss—
It’s a breathless caress, plunged in the shuddering abyss;
Oh, darling, what bitter elation—what horrible bliss!

I’ve made lists which contain nothing but your name!
And of ...

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rudely interrupted

It is the assumption that people tend to reflect and contemplate in the dawn of the night 

When noones awake to hear the sorrow in your sobs

When it's too dark to see the weakness in your eyes 

And your lonliness enables your imprisoned vulnerability to surface 


But what happens when this negativity suddenly seep its way into the happenings of your everyday life 

When these mor...

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You Do Not Go From Me Violently

You do not go from me violently;
No, but silently I comprehend that—I must forget.
You do not leave me with stentorian curses,
But with empty pages of sorrow; of
Mute regret.

Now I face the days of losing you
And nights of spite.
But it is indistinct, reluctant, and not obtrusive, almost translucent;
It is light.

No, you do not leave me in bitter torment,
But only a little out of bre...

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Sophia Loren, and Marcello Mastroianni.


She the Sunflower

in the movie of the name,

the background of my night

and to my darkening mood a frame.


Her face so young, so open

as she refuses what she's lost,

cooking, dancing, loving

distraction at all cost.


Yet, by the end she surrenders

to truth and what is real,

her heart no longer shielded

it break...

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Mind Tides

The chemical seas wash you closer
and closer again to me
Those chemical seas ride you closer
and then closer again to me, to me

O, how I’ve held a part of my collective breath
kept a little air inside for your return
part of me; poised patiently
as your waves wash through my closing fingers

O, how I’ve quietly tended a small flame for you
landing lights aglow along this heart's runway

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They say you remember your first love forever

How pained am I to have you haunting my dreams every night

Burning holes in my heart as I inhale all that we were

They say it's better to have loved than lost

But tell me, isn't that what we did?

We lost our chance to make this what we desired

Did the flame burn low or did I blow it out

I'd rather forget every memory that we were t...

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This make-believe story I predicted in my head,

To pieces upon the ground does it fall.

A happiness once experienced -

A security long gone,

And a father I had imagined -

Now a memory in which I had created.


But, the hurt inside is real -

All torn up, how does my heart continue to beat?

A trauma of the past -

Why must I remember what I wish not to?


I created...

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If Time Had Stopped.

If time had stopped, 
Where you stood and waved -
A hint of a smile that couldn't be erased, 
And we forgave each other.
Like, old friends reuniting... 
Old stories to tell and old feelings long gone.

You knew while I couldn't figure it out,
As a bystander I heard the news.
I had treated life like a dream,
And you were a form of reality as you stepped right in.
You taught me about the th...

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A wanderings end (Homage to W.B. Yeats)

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to the waters and the wild

do steal,

such treasures 


may never heal.


And gently led

by wing and hand,


our loves

to fairyland.


To sleep

and there to wait

our call,

until the swell

engulfs us all.


When in such

mystic union,

we gladly 

leave the land

"for the worlds more full of weeping

than we can und...

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Reflections on a victory

That some should revel 

in this pit of death

where lives are gone

and split from joy.


Where on this field

of human play

the dead 

are dead

what’er they say.


Where lies

undid all human trust,

and Judges Judged

how settled dust. 


No day, 

its Sun 

however bright,

can set the sunken 

vessel right.


No relief 

that men

had ...

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Sitting in her lounge

nineteen flights up

sipping tea from heirloom china,

no-one really spoke.


The undertaker was in the death room

breaking the rigour,

back and forth 

back and forth.


His tea steaming up the bird shit window,

a ring forming on the pristine white sill.


A policewomen disturbed unconcerned neighbours

who loitered in the corridor,


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She lived in Mechelen

of Basque and Belgique blood

opposite a gothic church

a Jupiler neon sign lit her window


They’d sleep on splintered floorboards

and sketch gargoyle shadows on the wall

rarely would they take refuge

she had a husband in Kiev

a sailor of sorts

she cried sometimes

he’d pull away


Six seasons passed 

they laid together

the church in...

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Why is my heart indigo?

What could have been became what could have been

All else failed and crimson became me

Was not acquainted with lost before I meet you.

Could not imagine this disdain that inhabits me before I lost you

Felt your warmth from her warmth

Kissed your cheeks through her skin

You gave me life then lost yours living me at indigo

Living me at this cold empty ...

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The first muse

She was always picturesque in the garden

and the bright pop of colour amidst the grey city

In his words he tried to capture her beauty,

with objective distance, where she was ardent

She coaxed out something within him,

reignited the flames where the chandelier had grown dim

She soothed the heaving seas of his fears

and knew how to brush away his tears

With a firm but intell...

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At the gates of Hades

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I said, my love, I’ve paid my dues,

the ferryman awaits,

though he does not wait for you.

We sat in silence as he guided his ship,

slicing through the slick ink of the Styx.

He helped me onto the dock with one

withered, sympathetic arm.

The dog and its three heads turned

to me, watching pensively.

They gave a yip; and beside the fallen tree,

a lone, bent-backed man pu...

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I have a letter from you

I have:

a letter from you. It is typed,

in Times New Roman, font 12.

Your way of saying goodbye.

I never got to say anything back.

Face to face,

we only knew how to laugh

at each other. No point in being serious,

it can’t be serious.

I read it once and never again

because I know exactly what you mean

when you say it’s like leaping back into a hedge of thorns.


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lossrelationship breakup

You and I met

You and I met at the most unfortunate time:

Shrieks of bodies being torn apart

Filled my ears as I looked into your eyes - 

Earthy hazel, a grounding, on which I could rely.

Hell was bearing down on us, and yet I

Did not cry; we emerged, intact, but apart,

And for the moment, swallowed the lie.


Years of companionship spent in uniform stride

Into wanton ruin where only ...

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Each beautiful shrouded night

grey matter deleted

its usefulness forgotten

memory banks depleted


Each day a little vacant space

filled with nothing new


Writing at his desk

he notices the tremor 


Mother looks on

father to

forty years back

steady and true



come to all,

they’ll come to you. 


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The Dark & The Light

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The Dark & The Light


This cruel winter

claims its marionettes

in a heartbeat.


The dark man

raised from the black rock.


as the glittering light

cascades over the road,

casting long shadows.


He sees a face

and then another

and then another,

a rainbow chameleon

changing with the wind,

never setting

always fluid.




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