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In Infamy

Yesterday, a day which now, will live amongst us for all time,
For history has changed its path
And we must fall in line.
For we at peace, with guarded arms, we chose to watch this from afar,
But we, deliberately attacked,
Must no more stand apart.

An Emperor, through wicked lies, convinced us of continued peace,
But sickening deceit was this,
As they slipped underneath.
For yesterday ...

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pearl harbourpearl harborwaramericapoempoetry


My observation of a man and my thoughts on how war affected him.

Tapping cigarette packet.
Casting imaginary incense
Praying that the past.
Will not come back
What did he see.
What does he feel
Mind blocked

Wandering, torn spirit
Thinking of the dead.
He was found under
A pile of bodies.
Darkened liquid terror
Voices of killers.
Smell of blood
Lie still, survive.


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Those who win the war fire the last bullet

Those who die breathe the last sigh

Those who live on say a prayer

And those who never fought call hurrah


Those who stand in battle stand with courage

Those who pin the medals show respect

Those who fall in battle will never fear

And those who lose their loved ones shed a tear


Those who lose the war bow their head


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THEATRE OF WAR (11/11/2013 –


If death is thought the ultimate

what price a part or two?

To be left as a mindless torpid trunk

the Elephant in the room.


And a limb’s not a limb – it’s a piece of shit

when blown into a muddy pit.

The scalpel only adds subtraction

in that theatre; sealing disconnection.


If death yields a hero – is life shame?

Return, with only self to blame?

Nobody t...

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warcognitive dissonance


(This poem was born of a Newsnight blogger's comment in 2008. Serendipity in 'spades'.)


The arms of the world reach up in despair

A desperate child, with no mother there;

As the armaments industry fashions war-ware

There is not much call for ploughshares.


The artisan’s hand cupped Britain’s prowess

When the smith made and mended the tools of success;

His arms now hav...

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As war’s abrasion strips his fine veneer

man’s inhumanity his ilk defines.

Bi-pedal dog, scent-primed, unleashed, packed off

he brings a licking to some wrong-tongued foe.

While back in civvy-street, his leaders rise

short-slept from tasting civilized excess

this day newborn in sinless rectitude

to move their boarded pawns with gifted guess.

In blinkered ignorance of C...

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warGeneva Convention

The Futility Of War

Death, The Dealer,
The final deck of life.
No hidden agendas,
Just a cold slate to wipe.
With hand and sword,
With rock and stone.
With shaft sailing, deadly,
Through grey skies, alone.
The smarter the weapon,
The reaper delights.
A fulsome harvest,
Of terror and cries.
Split the atom,
And split the odds.
Split the procee...

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Ireland is death.                                                                                                                

Death is an island.                                                                                                            

Hope transmutes all.                                                                                                      ...

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Mind Men

Mind Men

Men with brilliant minds fought a war in the ether, fighting an invisible war.

Using maths to crack enemy codes of unbelievable complexity.

Making sure they were never found out.

Enigma and Lorenz were cracked by pure brain power.

Mathematics being the power of intelligence, enemy codes saying everything.

Hidden no more.

Lists of army units and air force ord...

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brain powermathscolassus computerwarstruggle




the striking serpent

in my left

hisses and spits


the rabid wolf

in my right

froths and foams

for freedom

and either of these

sly predators

could have delivered

the fatal bite

that caused parents

and children

to weep blister

burn and die


a black man

with skin of grey

and eyes bloodshot


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chemical weapons attackdamoclesobamaretributionswordsyrian crisiswar




     I hear them,

I hear them calling out in the street

Issuing calls of despair and asking for help

And I would,

If I could,

If I had the power of legions

And armies and,

No, that just wouldn’t do

Any good at all,

Not anymore where

We are - fearing the worst

For a world where war,

Has become the only winner?


     You ...

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Young PeopleWarSocial Observations

Library Girl

from my new poem book WOW! TATTOO MY BUTT read live in ring of bells, midd, june 2013   Library Girl

She worked in the local library part time.

And liked to read Harry Potter books.

She liked a lad who popped in fortnightly.

He was quiet just like her.

Her eyes sought him out whenever he was there.

A shyness inhibited her asking him out.

In time he stopped go...

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lovelibrarygal and guywarinjuredbombtogether

The 7th City

The 7th City 

The warplane lay broken on the barren desert floor utterly broken, forgotten and forlorn. Painted on her side are the names of six cities; next to each is a faint but distinct image of a mushroom cloud. There were six in all each next to a city name written in their native language they read: Moscow, Berlin, London, Shanghai, New York and Rio de Janeiro. Next to the s...

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lost jetnukesdestroyed citiesthe futurewarmystery

Karma Kill

Karma Kill

I wanna see 2 jet fighters go air to air.

Trying to kill each other.

Full range of weapons.


Beyond visual range.

Dodge the missile volley.


Short range heat seekers.

Get past that.


Guns baby...

Knife fight in a fucking phone box.


Helmet mounted sights, off bore sight missiles.



of pilot and jet.


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ultimate dog fightjet fightersmissilesgunswarskypilotsdeath

Unto the Somme

Behind failing lines,
These curtains of shrapnel and sharp steel
Conceal my misery,
So seamlessly, absently
I go on, numb, alone,
For sensation no longer blesses me.

Relentlessly, I force back my fear,
The absent tears never reach my cheeks
And thick blankets of earth and sand
Choke my cries, damp,  pitiful.
I fall to the boards clotted with death
As my bre...

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warworld war Iconflictbattlesoldierdeathpoem










the ack-ack-ack

of sobbing children

a tear

for every bullet

the roll of pressure

heal to toe

erasing limbs

flies swarming on open wounds

picking at the scabs

of wounded families

the searing pain

of widows and orphans

scorched flesh

hurt is local currency

guns from foreign currency


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casualtieswar childwarwar zonedestructiondeathhorror


god said “there’s a bone in my soup”

and spat it out


and for many years it crawled

before it learned to stand


where it said “I will make you now a fresh bowl,

from my family’s blood”

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You can't Streep poverty under the carpet... - NaPoWriMo Day 9

A silence fell upon the city,

contorted shadows twisting moonlight.

Stuttering in a speakeasy seemed so misplaced

bottles rattled flickering like Fedora feathers

in an unforgiving wind.


The wretched odour of deprivation

a stench that sticks and degrades ones existence.

Even by day this city remains a lifeless sap

and by night the vampires feast on th...

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PoliticsHumanityMobstersBankstersWarNaPoWriMoGlobalThatcherMaggie ThatcherMargaret ThatcherFilmFilm NoirNoirProhibitionAmericaBritain1930s1980s2013universalpovertypoliticiansexploitationinequalityhatedivisioncelebrationclassClass Warvictorybattlestrugglecooperationcohesion

what crisis?

what crisis?


nowadays they have to pinch the ends

of their cigarettes before they cross the threshold

no longer allowed to herd the crumbling swarms

of ash across the gingham veldt


outside the window, on the pavement,  lies a bible

and the radio declares their readiness is high

seems like a good night to let the smokers

in and warm around a last ember...

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lifecurrent eventswardrinkboozelaissez faire

Support the troops

Support the troops they say, well I do,

When I stand here and tell you politicians real values,

Now how about some support from the government too?

The injured wait years for benefit payments to come through.

That's why there's soldiers sleeping on the streets of our cities,

Victims of war deserve more after those attrocites.


Support the troops, says Obama from the...

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Humanity Lost

I freeze,
And fall to my knees.
The earth is cold tonight, my sight
Is sorrowed as I place my hands on its frozen surface,
No furnace to warm me, but bereft.
Here, on the borrowed hour
Of my death.

The frost seeping through my clothes
Chills my bones, I am lost here, alone.
The precipice in front of me is wide, and deep,
But full. I keep my head dipped,
Knowing they wat...

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The sabres are rattling again,

Big hefty meat cleavers

That shrink flesh

And fry the soul,

I thought,

We thought this was done,

No more the battle

For whom has the biggest gun,

But it seems the powers

That be are once again

Playing a treacherous game,

A game we know

     Can never be won,


X on X off,

     Your t...

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Waves (A Final Letter Home)

I lie and let the waves wrap 'round my feet,
As midnight skies perform the second act,
Where black and blue so effortlessly meet
And force the waters cold around my back.
I feel the sand bequeath my buried toes;
To let the grit defy my sodden skin
And as the open door to my soul grows
I let the frothy waters trickle in.

The moonbeams push my head into a daze
And buckle up t...

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Natalie is a unique lady who we can all identify with. She's a warrior woman who fought in the Malvinas/Falklands war and was badly wounded. Many of her friends were murdered for having different views, they were a few of The Disappeared. Over time she believes in peace and moves away from war. Natalie has a goth band and a red stunt aeroplane both called Mayo. Check Nat's story out. She ...

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war to peacehuman journeyloss of lifecostwarwarplanemalvinasfalkandslove


I felt nothing at first.
Just the loud crack of a distant whip, the echo
Bouncing through the crumbling streets and fetid alleyways,
Painted with the stench of unintentional sacrifices
And scorched by the Middle Eastern sun.
He can see me, this one, even now,
Staring down the lens like a wayward sailor scanning distant rocks for Sirens,
Tempting him to death.
He’s watching me cr...

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Daddy's Poem by unknown poet

Daddy's Poem

Her hair was up in a pony tail, 
Her favourite dress tied with a bow. 
Today was Daddy's Day at school, 
And she couldn't wait to go. 

But her Mummy tried to tell her, 
That she probably should stay home. 
Why the kids might not understand, 
If she went to school alone. 

But she was not afraid; 
She knew just what to say. 

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schoolchildrenlost fatherclose bywar

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