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Support the troops

Support the troops they say, well I do,

When I stand here and tell you politicians real values,

Now how about some support from the government too?

The injured wait years for benefit payments to come through.

That's why there's soldiers sleeping on the streets of our cities,

Victims of war deserve more after those attrocites.


Support the troops, says Obama from the oval office,

The flag, the badge, the mask to create more of this,

War that's become liberal doctrine from every orifice

Of socialists that used to critise Bush for this.

But let's not replay the ping pong politics,

As red and blue mix, oil junkies need their fix.


So support the troops, one day a year to remember,

The lives lost in the name of falseflag agenda.

It's a bloody game, like throwing puppies in a fan,

It leaves kids crying from Baghdad to Birmingham,

Families torn apart but we had to topple Sadam,

Ten years on, that was just a warm up for Iran!


Support the troops, from goverments who say we're unpatriotic,

When they start a war, and we try to stop it.

But it's fucked logic when you realise

Their ties lie in miltary supplies.

We need to kick start the economy,

So let's build lots of bombs and drop them sloppily!


Support the troops, send them off to die,

From left to right that's the oxymoronic cry!

And when they return, asking why, throw 'em on the street,

The amputees who feel unlucky 'til they see the plates of meat.

Victims of diceit, victims of the history they delete,

As we watch Vietnam and the Roman empire on repeat.


I've got to stand up, can't sit in my seat,

To the injustice that is former troops made obselete.


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