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The Samaritans charity's YouTube channel links to my Video poem 'So Sad WAS I'

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Wow. I have only just seen that The Samaritans Charity official YouTube channel has favourited the video of my poem 'So Sad WAS I' which I wrote about calling the Samaritans helpline a few years ago. Please click on this link to hear and see it, on the Samaritans Charity Official YouTube channel.
The Samaritans helpline is here 24 / 7
Are you vulnerable? Feeling low?

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Daily Libation

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Raise again this chalice,
fearsome and seductive;
that brims with venom
and sparkles with promise

that in the twilight beckons...

Raise this goblet
to once satin lips
now runnelled with
bypassed dreams,

you hope but hope in vain...

Gulp down your fill,
wait for forgetfulness still;
let the dregs of this cup
caress your wearied mind,

'til dawn tops i...

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We have to think

about where to put

our hands.


They fumble under tables,

or rest very casually on

the table, courageously spread

across the middle as if to show

just how normal you

want it to feel.


The tea is greasy,

and you concentrate

on stroking the condensation

from your glass 

of orange juice.


The cur...

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Something is Coming


Beneath the biscuit-bitten moon of dawn

Something’s coming.

There’s a hint of something unknown,

unprecedented enough that even the howling wind has flaked

To something spider-thin;

To the bare wire frames of lyricism.



Since then, the sky has darkened.



And static has started to  skitter across asphalt and window-frames.




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Gonna jump into the pond in my garden

down towards forever.

I see it crystal clear shimmering

like the very air on a winter’s day.

Love hearts stuck onto fragile flesh

mark my passage but yours is time,

stands time, as water flows and light sparkles

as distance is unwanted, direction is unknown.

On my way to you, wonder idly,

are ...

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My work recognized by the Child Abuse Monument in Canada

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The video of my Poem 'Our Silence', my hand print and my Book 'Whispers From Within' that will be placed inside the Child Abuse Monument in Canada, is featured front and centre on the StoryProject page, on the Child Abuse Monuments website. My work has been recognized by them before, and by the main person who created the Monument: a Dr. Michael C. Irving. I was also asked to do a little video ...

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One million hearts speak as one; I listen to the solitary one who cries out in eloquent despair. That single wounded heart will claim me by her right and ensnare me and save me from me and I’ll never break it. She’ll bring me happiness after years of sorrow. Her name is?


Rockets are for the benefit of the human race taking us to the stars or for the worst, blowin...

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POEM i read at blouse gig, not a tit insight lol

manchester band blouse did gig in hare n hounds pub uppermill 11/9/11 i did this poem before their set, i filmed it but my vid camera is a cunt and has no sound on it. whos the tit lol. look up gothicpoodle on youtube for the vid. im not posting tue link as its fucked. simple as. fuck it. better using the camera on my damn fone next time...


I saw something in the sky out beyon...

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She is the girl from Sheffield who turns heads wherever she goes.

Her name is Anne and she is a uni girl, into bands and cheap student beer.

I met her on the bus while she was going gigging; she invited me along

and away we went to see the next big thing. At that moment I knew she’d

be mine, this raven haired girl from a foreign place unknown.


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I want to die in a machine and get my limbs crushed and my blood thrown upon burning metal and to die, to die, TO DIE!! I don’t fit into this world, no day job moving shit brown boxes from A2B in a warehouse, no long term girlfriend to love me and be there for me when I feel down, few real mates to back me up balls to the wall.

See on TV speeding bikes w...

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TAT poem




Each tattoo tells a story in ink to its owner, not just as a picture. Men in the pub ask me on them, what they mean, who did them and why? Different types of needle work, colours and styles all combined together to create my masterpieces.

Thousands of pounds spent on permanent designs upon my body. From my favourite band The Gathering, they've not heard of them. As I nev...

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Sitting with shutter eyes,

Thinking of all the left behind

Children sleeping in the park,

Biting their lips and wondering

What a warm house smells like.


That double-glazing man walks

Around the house again,

And I think about all those

Men walking round in circles,

In places they’ve never been.


And the warm feeling sl...

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The Road To Heaven

Our dreams lay under the soil of iredescent flowers 
Taking over us the symphony of life
We regret and weep over the lost forgotten days
Still they threaten us till  time tips -
Untill the light in our- 
Eye dims- hours sit inside the gloom of a blink
Our faces see the fading lines wrickled up and shy
Are dreams never seem real until we see death
come up close and kiss us goodby...

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Cienfuegos Cigar Company

This is an older poem that was written when I learned that women who rolled cigars would hire a man to read to them why they were rolling.  I loved the image and the poem started there.  I also like the title, because cienfuegos is translated as a hundred fires.  Enjoy.

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THINK poem

Do you want to renounce violence against other people on a personal scale and on an international level, where countries are bombed and shelled? This isn’t good, people are injured and die. Think what happens if I hit someone and kill him with one punch, this does happen. If a mortar falls and kills a dozen people in a busy market place.
What does it solve? Each person has a relative ...

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Sticks & Stones






If sticks and stones can break bones
and bombs and guns can kill
then a poet's pen and words can likewise murder
but heals wounds in its sublime expression;
Our differences fade with each line of verse.


Being read, and quoted, and handed out!
That is the poet's true reward.
On shall poetry live, and within its soul
the poet in whose he...

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living in your car poem


He worked in a job but was laid off; gone was his posh life style relegating him to living in his car. This was ok at first due to the air con, reclining seats and ciggy lighter, along with stereo and roomy interior.

Outside it was spring so it was nice and warm, not too much but enough to be pleasant; what would the high heat of summer be like or the frigid cold of winter? Would ...

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living in carpoem





The wind waves.


We have hello’s

And goodbyes.


We rest by the river,

Watching the boats

Glide over glass.


The boys never

Did well at school.


Everything is orange,

And we cannot know

If the sun is bleaching

The leaves, or if

The night washes

Away the colour

In melancholy  

Shades of grey.


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CIRRUS pagan poem

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pagan poem



What will it take for you to give a damn? To give instead of to take? Instead of taking and raping the, our, world of her resources, you decide to do an about turn and care for our precious planet. Not to turn the clouds black with smog and car exhaust fumes, no more acid rain in her lakes and rivers. No black seas and polluted beaches full of oil from a so calle...

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Think poem



Do you want to renounce violence against other people on a personal scale and on an international level, where countries are bombed and shelled? This isn't good, people are injured and die. Think what happens if I hit someone and kill him with one punch, this does happen. If a mortar falls and kills a dozen people in a busy market place.


What does it solve? Each person...

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confrontational history


if we looked at history
on a multi-plane spreadsheet
and compared the goings on
in each particular era
we shall find that at any given
period, no matter the advancement
there inevitably at a cost lay revealed
atrocities, genocides, discrimination
prejudices, and a lack of conscience
that marks the brute in humans
poets have also been present
ever alert on the front-lin...

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Sleeping too much,

Thinking about the spaces

Hiding between words 

And trying to get



But it comes

With eyes wide shut,

Navigating those long

Corridors and buying

Clothes from empty



It beats down

On us, and we rub 

At our eyes, trying 

To see through those

Dancing flourscant 


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pagan poem

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On this day I thank my Pagan Goddess of Mother Nature for this moment for us to all be on this hill top closer to you. The longest day of the year is your day and we join here with you to complete the circle and form a union. Let your positive energy heal and protect us on our journey through the year. Join us in celebration as we think of you, Mother Nature on this day. You a...

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On a bit of a writing spree at the moment...

Usually not a good sign...





Maybe quiet times,

Holding tight, a lost 

Limb in paradox.

Floating, timid touching

And left over bone

On bone.

All quivers, left

To the elements

And empty.

We talk about

Ourselves in the 

Third person,


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And she was the empty-head,

Though she couldn't help it 

She wasn't helping herself. 


Eyes wide shut; a handbag

Of hand-me-downs and scratchcards, 

Screaming at the day-in

Day-out grind.


The hallway was always

Clogged with junk, 

The kitchen table tasted

Of tobacco.


And it would rain,  

One day, and you'd 


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poem i read live at blouse band gig opening for them





Rising higher and higher the warplane climbs

through the hazy sky, sun reflecting off the distant water

far below through a gap in the clouds.

Missiles hang under delta wings

ready for instant launch when an enemy

is spotted across the distant sky.

An inhuman machine with the looks of a goddess


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blousejackson's pitlivenick armbristeroldhampoem

Live at the Camden eye, London 3rd July 2011

I did not have live video footage BUT I did do an audio recording which I put to video to share easlily (as usual). I read 'Within ther silence', 'The emptiness of hunger', 'Blooming Vera' (all from my book 'Whispers From Within'), 'Little Beggars' (a new poem) and 'The Missed'.

If you want to find out more, please visit either www.thepoetjohn.com (if its my writing only you want to see) or...

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'The heavy hands of time'

The Heavy Hands of Time 


For youth

The clock rarely has hands


For the middle age

It has hands

That starts to spin

Too fast


And for the old

Time weighs heavy

Like all Burdon


Knowing that

Most of your time

Has now gone


Watching the youth

Wishing too

That your clock

Had no hands

To spin so fast



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growingJohn HarrisonolderpoempoetpoetryTime

-as yet untitled-

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outside the window,

an ocean of poppies,

red like denial.


she watched them day-in-day-out,

from sunset to the first shards of sunlight

which crept through their stems

and reflected the underside of their petals.

from this she saw veins, a tiny network of

lines like join-up-the-dots,

a motorway map

thin like emotion.


dadd went to war ...

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'The Missed'

The Missed


They went missing on...

There could be so many dates

And even more names...

I cannot imagine

The pain

Of those families, long nights

Looking at the door

Hoping for a loved one...

To walk right through

As if

Nothing had ever happened


Looking out the window,

At passers by

A glimmer, a hope,

For them to return home ...

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'The world of silence and the silence you shame'

The World of Silence and the Silence You Shame

The world is full of abusers
The minority are here to be abused by you
Mustn’t disobey
Mustn’t tell
Or you will be abused by others
In the name of
Love, care, help or treatment
It’s not the real abusers
That create the worse reasons to be silent
It’s you and what you do
That creates the world of shame and silence
I must...

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My crime was being born

For which they punish me for

Yet it is the one thing

I cannot feel guilty about

It could not be my fault

Being born was not my choice

 I obviously was not here

When that choice was made

Yet they punish you for it

Just like everything else

That they do

We are punished

For their crimes and sins

We carry ...

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'The Ranting Post'

The Ranting Post

It’s a rant
A post that’s down
Well this post might seem a bit down
But it’s the truth
Recent cases of child abuse
The result for the abuser
The end result for the abused
The never ending result for us
Same old, same old
Like me, like us, like them

You could write a poem about it
We have
You could write a book about it
We have
You could make...

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Live at the UK Rally Against Child Abuse 2010

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This was held on the 7th August in Trafalgar Square, London. I read out my poems 'Someone Once', 'Familiar News', 'Within the silence', 'So sad WAS I', 'It was silence NOT defeat' and 'Beyond the silence'. This video is thanks to 'Truth and Hope's YouTube channel (one of the rally organizers). I would like to thank both organizers 'Cross of Change' and 'Truth and Hope' for making sure the event...

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'The Rock'

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‘The Rock’

I crawled from under a rock
To be here today
It seems so harsh to say
From so very far away
From my comfort zone
My rock, my home
I was only doing what you wanted
You wanted me to be seen
And not heard
You know it well enough
So it’s not so absurd
But to you it seemed
so easy
You could block me out
Easy peasy
But every now and then
The others heard...

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Live at the Camden eye, London 1st May 2011

Due to health issues and more it is difficult for me to travel out and about, but I make myswelf do it. Its very important t me to spread the word and let others in my position see that sometimes we can do it. 1st May I appeared at The Camden Eye. This was my forth time at this RRRants run event. Like I was saying it takes it out of me, but not enough to stop me arranging to do more, thats the ...

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Off to London to read poems at the Camden eye. RRRants run event.

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Im off to London soon for the long journey to read some poems at the Camden ey. Its a RRRants run event. Starts about 7.30pm Im struggling with health BUT still keeping it together. Not sure if I will have footage of this one, we'll see. Heres some from January 2011.


To find out more visit either www.thepoetjohn.com (for more about my writing) ...

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'Blooming Vera'

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‘Blooming Vera’


Oh Vera
Your soft clear voice
Tells of the white cliffs of Dover
That all shall see
When all this war is over

Oh Vera
Do you remember when
You told us
We will meet again
Don’t know where
Don’t know when
And though many
were laid down to rest
Best of this Island
From you
Oh God bless you
From us
You still hold true

Oh Vera
You s...

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'But a man'

‘But a man’

If it were, for only birds to see
Through skies, far and wide
Then would we not want to see

Through birds eyes?

If it were only for the horses to gallop
Distances far and wide
And only our limbs could take us there
Could we take that, in our stride?

If it were for only fish to swim
To cross oceans, rivers and waters full
And to sink to their depths of ...

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bsafe1stalwaysJohn Harrisonnaturepoempoetpoetryspoken wordthepoetjohn

'She said / He said'

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'She said / He said'

She mocked me
With full intent
Her tongue like a razor
To slice right through me
Attack! Attack!

“This is not Poetry” she said
“It doesn’t even rhyme”
As I turned to her and said

“By your command...
But my inner self
Is not on demand
It’s not as fine
As the grains of sand
But also... not so bland”

She turned
Just like her look
She went away

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'The art of being Lonely'

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'The Art of Being Lonely'

Loneliness is Ugly...

Loneliness is a world full of people
Yet still being alone
Loneliness is a room full of people
But never could be further away

Loneliness is finding it hard to say
“I am lonely”
Loneliness is not to be shared
Loneliness is the sharing of it...
But to still be lonely

Loneliness is in an over populated world
With lands e...

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'Family Ties'

'Family Ties'

Family ties
Not meant to despise
Not meant to cover the lies

At one time, bringing you together
A thought:
‘It would last forever’

But not in a world of abuse
Deflected, rejected
Used to blame you

Family ties
Ties you up in knots
Oh the pain by them
Soon forgot
Na, na, na, na
Beaten down
So you don’t have the strength to...

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'Dead Poets' (LIVE)

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‘Dead Poets’

They killed them.
They revived the ones they loved
And made dead ones of
Ones they didn’t even know
They mocked the mocking birds
Oh I know it sounds absurd
I thought I was ok
You see
I’m a writer first
But they soon righted that
Lucky I’m not a poet
Poetically I’d be dead
I got this stuff in my head
Sometimes it comes out
I write a story or two

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My Book 'Whispers From Within'

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Hi! just a quick blog about my book 'Whispers From Within' (self published) ISBN: 978-0955810343 and if you would like to find out more, please go to www.thepoetjohn.com/mybook.htm you can also see and hear poetry from there too.

Below are the three reviews on the back cover. But first my own words that are also on the back cover:

"This book is ...

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'So sad WAS I'

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This next piece is from one of the only times I rang a helpline (the Samaritans). It to me expresses the difference helplines can make, and raises awareness of them. Check out the video on my accounts of it too. Its due to be published in the next RRRants anthology.


'So sad WAS I'

I dialled a number
A soft voice spoke
And talked gently
I spoke tentatively at first
But then.....

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bsafe1stalwayschild abusehelplinesJohn HarrisonpoempoetpoetrysuicideThe Samaritansthepoetjohn



A quick one...




A somnambulant wake

Of tired tights pulled

Over smooth bores,

And pleats in disarray

Far from the ironed yesterday.

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It's Been a Long Time - Gatecrash



It's been a long time since I posted. I'll start how I mean to go on...




We were the dance

Of mannequin square,

Trapped in the hush

Of a closed hand.


And the soft tap-tap

Was all it took; four

Fingertips on a soft palm,

Clapping like castanets.


And the glass drips hang,

Gasping at the candles


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'The Unwritten Poems'

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'The Unwritten Poems'

But that my pen
Wouldn’t speak
If I could tell it so
But twas I
Who wouldn’t let it
Oh if I could read you
All the unwritten poems
Of those other poets you know
I would have words
For every moment of the day
And no moments enough
To begin to say
What those poems...
So wanted too


Copyright John Harrison 2010


Video on YouTube (...

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'Devastation' (with recent events in Japan in mind).

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Leads to candle light

Leads to despair

Leads to repair

Too... togetherness



Leads to who you are

As a people

As a person

As one



Leads to the sorrow

Leads to the loss

Leads to the humbling

That brings out,

the best of human kind


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Inward Reasons

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On a hand-hewn pedestal

imagination coalesced;

on milk-white face alight

eyes sparkle with a liquid flame.


Some build ivory towers,

these hands raw from driven labour,

on scratched cheeks a stricken eye

ransoms a sculpted orphan dream.


Across time and Middle Sea

another calloused hand chiselled;

laughter on a pine-white...

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