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'The art of being Lonely'

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'The Art of Being Lonely'

Loneliness is Ugly...

Loneliness is a world full of people
Yet still being alone
Loneliness is a room full of people
But never could be further away

Loneliness is finding it hard to say
“I am lonely”
Loneliness is not to be shared
Loneliness is the sharing of it...
But to still be lonely

Loneliness is in an over populated world
With lands empty of green spaces
Towns with houses packed side by side
With nowhere to hide
Where it won’t find you
As loneliness consumes you

Loneliness is nosey neighbours
Offering to do favours
Just to find out more

Loneliness is in bright lit streets
With lots of noise
And a closing time
That brings the revellers out
While you are always in

Loneliness is cities with tower blocks towering
Reaching the sky
Like concrete fingers always pointing away
But still you are lonely
And still you are alone
Loneliness is miserable

Loneliness is people avoiding you
Like it’s a disease they can catch from you
You have loneliness
You’re a carrier
You are contagious always
You carry it with you
So they... stay away

Loneliness is to love God
And not feel loved
Loneliness is too much to bear

Loneliness is to be aware
That you’re alone
But to have no answers for it

Loneliness is to be suddenly invited to places
Places you wouldn’t go
With people
You don’t even know
Loneliness is pitiful
Loneliness is Dark

Loneliness is to write a short Poem
That could have filled
So many pages more
Loneliness is for that Poem
To be called
The Art of Being Lonely
And for it to come from you
And be, Too true

Loneliness is not a forgotten Art
It’s when...
Your worlds apart

Copyright John Harrison 2009

"Too many know the true meaning of these words"


Video on YouTube (also on, DailMotion and both my Websites of course). Taken from my book 'Whispers From Within'.


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kath hewitt

Sat 4th Jun 2011 19:35

couldn't have said it better myself

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