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'She said / He said'

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'She said / He said'

She mocked me
With full intent
Her tongue like a razor
To slice right through me
Attack! Attack!

“This is not Poetry” she said
“It doesn’t even rhyme”
As I turned to her and said

“By your command...
But my inner self
Is not on demand
It’s not as fine
As the grains of sand
But also... not so bland”

She turned
Just like her look
She went away
And that was all it took

Copyright John Harrison 2009

"I was working alongside someone who on the one hand could be really nice, but then, be really horrible. She also could be very cruel to the vulnerable (including me). Made worse because what she did sometimes involved being with them. On occasion I tried to get her to see but it wasn’t worth the effort. Not long after I had to leave the situation, not for myself, but because I refused to be with someone like that. She never knew about my writing, speaking out about child abuse and that. One day I let my imagination run and I sat there and imagined she found out I wrote poetry. I knew she’d have to spite me or it in some way. So this is a poem that came into my head. It turns something negative to something positive."


There will be a video of this soon. I have done this live too which went well. Taken from my book ’Whispers From Within’.

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