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'But a man'

‘But a man’

If it were, for only birds to see
Through skies, far and wide
Then would we not want to see

Through birds eyes?

If it were only for the horses to gallop
Distances far and wide
And only our limbs could take us there
Could we take that, in our stride?

If it were for only fish to swim
To cross oceans, rivers and waters full
And to sink to their depths of pure beauty
Then would we not be, sorrowful?

If I were a bird
I would fly high
If I were a fish
I would sink low
If I were a horse
I would gallop hard all day long
And not worry where I’d journeyed from

But I am, but a man
And these things
Don’t come easy to me


Copyright John Harrison 2010


"Age old thing I know, but when you see how some think that we are so superior than other animals. When you take a look at the beauty and wonders of real nature... it doesn't look like it to me. We can do wonders of course, but there are so many surrounding all of us everyday. Its so easy to get bogged down or dragged down... and fail to see it. But you don't have to look far, to really see it."



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