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As 2012 Approaches


As twenty twelve approaches, 
all our futures are unsure,
but combined efforts can provide,
means to join us all the more,
in ways to solve our problems,
by supplying food, not arms,
putting aside those age old conflicts,
that have only ever caused us harm.
It will take but our willing hearts,
to make the change from ways of old,
that have nev...

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Thaumaturgically Charged

Now I have released the Beast

I send it forth

Tail whipping; teeth snatching

the old

the young


thither and yon

until thaumaturgically charged

it breaks forth

Lightning striking

red slash/

and lo


black and gold

until thaumaturgically charged

it knows....


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All The Love In The World


I would like to live long enough to one day see,
the many people in this world sharing harmony,
caring for all, not just those they see each day,
sharing all their burdens freely and also some play.
Will it take a millenium or more to reach that state,
or can we wake everyone to take this dream and make,
a world fit for our brothers and sisters wherever...

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Our Children's Timeline


Our Children’s Timeline



Time has meaning to everyone,

We may be nestled within our own

Quarter of the globe,

But time is everyone’s meaning

For we don’t know,

Can never grasp the sense

Of how long we each last

Upon this world.

            Time, presents

Depths to write futures and

As humans we hope ascend

The days that history ta...

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That mourning I went to the woods,
misrepresented by madness.
Life chastened, clouds crept on whilst I cried up on my cross.
I picked obscure rose petals and placed them in abandoned jam jars.

I trampled on my spirit, a quiet cost.
I found an inner peace, like a pardon.
A new diadem excavated encircled my loss.
I danced on wet grass with God, crown festo...

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Nine Eleven - Version 2


As I re-read this piece I felt it warranted some tidying up, so here is version 2
Nine Eleven 
No words of mine or others can change what went before
We can but stand in silence and remember them once more
Though years roll by without restraint and some images fade
The sights we saw upon that day are indelibly engraved
So hear a plea around the wo...

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Peace across the skies, across the continent, for now.

Across all those people, all those faces, all those minds and lives.

Many millions died for that peace, now only fragmented memories

gone forever, forgotten by this generation but remembered by

God and Satan. All the blood has dried into the cracked earth and

the guns are silent as we trust our...

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Black and orange butterfly flies zig zag pattern over a river dodging speedy dragonflies, low over the water at mad angles. Sense of speed beyond all else. Movement pure and simple. Past dragonfly territory, over the rocky river bank. Looking, searching for what? Something. What?

Feel a little tired. Land on a rock to rest, blur of flapping wings before a halt. Nice to c...

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taiwan poems

Around and round we danced in an exotic Asian club to pounding alternative music. Who said they couldn’t party? Like it’s their, our, last night on earth. Little did we all know that this prophecy was true? One night if fun with a Taiwanese lady, only dancing you understand. They are not like western ladies. On and on we danced feeling alive, when we kissed it was like fire of t...

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Scarlet Ribbons









She said that I looked Irish, as we sat and warmed our hands

Beating djembe herding us to sway and stamp and clap



I looked across and through the flames

That sighed and licked up over logs

Into her eyes, in all their eyes

The light: not fading, changed


Scarlet ribbons curling around

Stripes of orange a...

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Seek and you shall find....


i will not be scorched
by the flame of another
i shall keep my fire
fueled only by the pure
kindling found deep
within the terrain
of my wooded home

the sun shall bring
enough light by day
and a torch well-lit
shall provide steady
footsteps to tread
the dark by night

[as I search for what
I cannot find or name]

no light save by the moon

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