As 2012 Approaches

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As twenty twelve approaches, 
all our futures are unsure,
but combined efforts can provide,
means to join us all the more,
in ways to solve our problems,
by supplying food, not arms,
putting aside those age old conflicts,
that have only ever caused us harm.
It will take but our willing hearts,
to make the change from ways of old,
that have never brought us lasting peace,
so now the time has come to be quite bold.
Come let us join up in the ways of peace,
whilst time may yet be on our side,
and take the great family of the human race,
past all the ancient issues that still divide...
December 26th 2011  


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winston plowes

Thu 29th Dec 2011 22:29

A positive message to carry through to 2012 Dave. Great stuff. win x

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Wed 28th Dec 2011 17:17

'Time and again' is the inherent problem - the unwillingness to accept the lessons of history and change our approach to sharing the resources of the world. Instead we waste vast amounts of diminishing fossil fuels conducting wars which require further vast expenditure to rebuild the shattered towns, cities and infrastructure.

As has been wisely said -if we always do what we have always done, we will always see the same cycle of events - and that is not good enough to sustain the burgeoning population of the human race, let alone address long term energy issues, pollution and climate concerns...

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 28th Dec 2011 16:40

One of the inherently reassuring facets of the
human condition is that great threat is met
time and again with great solutions. War has
its awful place but then its inventive
creations later enhance the peace that follows.
Humanity can invent the nuclear bomb yet
also match nature's famines with responses that
alleviate mass suffering on a scale once
unheard of. Mass threat matched by mass
relief. The paradox of the human condition!
If JC had to say "the poor are always with us" (and HE was the son of the Boss!) - what
should we expect from poor backward humanity
doing its poor best on its own for a mere two thousand years?

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