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I Am a Little Rabbit


- I am a little rabbit, hrum - hrum,

I like sweet carrot, hrum - hrum,

I'm like a ferret, hrum - hrum,

Live in a burrow, hrum - hrum,

Though it's narrow, hrum - hrum,

Now I am eating cabbage, hrum - hrum,

It's for my courage, hrum - hrum.

- Dear little rabbit, tell me your habit.

- Hrum - hrum!

-Happy New Year, dear rabbit!

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I saw her heart break yesterday

the watchful face of late

eyes upturned

smile that had only known sunshine

and said in words

careful and rounded

the news that he would not be coming home

and saw

the instant

stop-release claymation

trembling of the tiny chin

the mouth turned square and agonised

in an eternal instant of distress

I heard the clic...

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Rebel With A Cause (v2)

I am a rebel against torture 

I am a rebel against pain 

I seek an end to hunger 

I seek an end to the shame 

The shame that comes from knowing 

all those children dying without water 

all those children dying without names 

all those children dying from war 

Why do men play their vicious games 

why do those men pretend to serve God 

when all they want is power ...

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Protection Poem

Oh but I would hold you all

coiled warm like viscera

in the dark of my gut




oh but I would tie you up

all of you hobbled by prayer

tight roped bound to me

to keep you safe from death and life




oh but I would hold your

sleep flushed heads and

sweaty hair,

down on my ample thighs

and shield your eyes from the bad th...

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Kids in Buckets

Kids In Buckets: The School Run.


Splutter, splatter drips the rain

Down the gutter and window pane –

The journey to school will be so slow,

The traffic will just grow and grow!


But Gran and I have hatched a plan

To speed to school

(She’s resourceful my Nan),

She pushes me off in a large plastic bucket,

Bobbing down the alley,

Sailing past traf...

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