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Infinity As A Lion

A black that's often mistaken for white.


Infinitiy's vision of a lion as infinity is difficult for the memory of this present moment to grasp. 


Infinities apples can't be digested with linear scanning.


She said he said some infinities are bigger than other infinities. 


There's a lyric by Billy Corgan "in the attic with the stars" this is my childhood memory from Exe...

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Equality Of The Gods

"What is reality? No one can say because it isn't words." -- Alan Watts


Conflict among the gods and all sentient beings can only be dissolved by a love greater than war.


Love those who persecute you now for persecution is a revolving face that will forever spin with the momentum of hate.


Order that kills sentient chaos is just a refined disorder.


Saw thousands of ye...

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