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NHS Workers

All remember and do not forget 
Those to whom we owe our greatest debt. 
They help us when we are in distress; 
It is all of those who work for the NHS.

Around the clock they are always there, 
And all this time they surely care. 
Though it is something that we just expect 
From those who deserve more respect.

Each worker endlessly strives 
To cure and save all of our lives. 
So sure...

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HopeHospitalsNHSStuart Vanner

Moving Forwards

If we find ourselves endlessly struggling,
And with many problems we are juggling.
If we become lost or should we suffer,
There is but one way to become tougher.

We must pull together and unite.
We must all stand up for what is right.
We must be strong. We must be brave,
And not be scared or be afraid.

We must try to see the light ahead
Without despair but with hope instead.
So don't...

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HopeMoving ForwardsStuart Vanner


Obey your honour and try to understand 
That justice and truth must go hand in hand. 
So try to be honest and try to be good 
Never stray from doing just as you should.

So go into the world; perform great noble deeds. 
Be courteous but don't be full of greed. 
And whatever you say, be you old or youthful, 
Endeavour to make all of those words truthful.

Then maybe you'd have a right to ...

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HonourJusticeStuart VannerTruth

On the Up

However bad life may become.
Whatever problems you must face.
However many enemies you that make.
How many times you fall from grace.

However hopeless you may feel.
However deep seems your despair.
However cruel this world appears
And when all things seem so unfair.

Know that life can turn around.
And a new dawn will come about.
So however dark your well of fear,
Know you'll find yo...

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HopeStuart Vanner


We adore the spring, such lovely weather,
When blue sky and sun come out together. 
The blossom blooms, as do the flowers, 
And we may expect some April showers.

See chirping birds and buzzing bees. 
Feel the temperate air and gentle breeze. 
View the plants and trees, we see them greening 
And may be time for us to start spring cleaning 

What a perfect time to be outside.
To roam thi...

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SeasonsSpringStuart Vanner

My Confidence

My confidence might be a house of cards, 
And topple over with no safeguards. 
My confidence might be a pane of glass, 
And be seen through and easily smash.

My confidence might be a rare mink vase, 
Worth much but breaks to a thousand shards. 
My confidence might be a beautiful flower, 
And crushed with just a little power.

But my confidence might be a bar of gold. 
Strong and valuab...

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ConfidenceHappinessStuart Vanner

Wheel of Fortune

Every time you greatly suffer,
And with your life be disappointed.
And you feel that there is no hope,
And all things seem so disjointed.

Every time you feel lost,
And ask yourself: What can I see?
And you feel that there is no future,
To find a purpose for being me.

When you feel the whole world mocks you,
And that it always seems so cruel.
When you feel you have no place in life,

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Bad LuckFortuneLuckMisfortuneStuart VannerSuffering

Rooms of the Mind

Our states of mind are like different rooms.
Some of wonder. Some of gloom.
We go out of one and in another.
Each one is different to the other.

We know not what we'll find inside.
And we might wish to try and hide.
Some rooms be dark. Some rooms be light.
Some be with joy and some with fright.

Each one may contain certain rules.
With different objects and different tools.
With chall...

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FeelingsStuart VannerThe MindThoughts

Controlling Our Lives?

Do we choose who we really are?
Do we decide what things we do?
Do we have the power to shape our lives?
And make our dreams come true?

Do we have a say what is in store?
And what will be our fate?
Are we in full control our minds?
Can we help it's happy state?

Or do the gods govern this world?
Is there any point in resistance?
But if you ask me who's really in charge,
I say we cont...

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GodsLifePhilosophyStuart Vanner


I adore each morning,
For so content I do feel.
A new day has arrived.
And it does always appeal.

Yesterday troubles
Are now in the past.
So I look to the future.
Those problems have passed.

I do relish the peace,
And this crisp new air,
Feeling all calm and refreshed.
In this world that we share.

So savour each morning.
As it is here every day,
And with it comes freedom,
I am...

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MorningsStuart Vanner


We must champion the underdogs. 
We must support the poor and weak. 
We must all fight along the side of those 
Whose hope and luck seemed bleak.

We must not not give up nor give in, 
Till we defeat those who taunt and boast. 
For the underdogs - they are the ones 
Who need our help the most.

We must conquer all the giants. 
We must all be brave and strong. 
We must all stand up for ...

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HopeJusticeStuart VannerUnderdogs

A Better World

We should all feel safe when in the street.
Wherever we may go and whoever we meet.
And if there's one thing that should be clear,
We should not go outside while we live in fear.

Yes, all the people have the right
To live in peace and without a fight.
And it is our right to go out somewhere
To feel secure and free of care.

And I do hope to have an expectation
That people shall have mo...

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HopeSafetyStuart VannerThe Streets

Lawyers - Victims or Villains

Why do lawyers often get such bad press?
It is because to every case they will always say yes.
For their clients they'll choose to take up the fight.
Regardless of whether they think that it's wrong or it's right.

Will they may make their speeches be harsh or to be funny?
Will they work off their bones if they just get the money?
They can prosecute or they can defend.
But will the truth m...

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LawLawyersStuart Vanner


Every person is quite unique. 
They can be boisterous or they can be meek 
With different thoughts and different ideas. 
With different pleasures and different fears.

Different views and different perceptions. 
Different beliefs and misconceptions. 
Different dreams. Different ambitions. 
Different roles and different positions.

Some may be reclusive, some are outgoing. 
Some may be i...

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DifferencesStuart Vanner


Movies take us to a wonderful place, 
One which may be slow or very fast paced. 
They can make us smile and can make us laugh. 
They can be set in the future or set in the past.

There are action adventures with lots of fighting, 
Which can be gripping and very exciting. 
Or do you prefer ones of love and romance? 
Or ones that are full of music and dance?

And then there are those who l...

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FilmsMoviesStuart Vanner

Is there a God?

If there is a God, what does He do?
Does he watch over me and you?
We may all hope that the answer's yes,
But all we can do is make a guess.

Has He the power to control our life?
And decide whether it shall be one of joy or strife.
Is He good and is He just?
And is Jesus one in which we can trust?

Or is it the case that we're alone
That we wander this Earth all on our own.
That we mu...

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GodStuart Vanner

Masks We Wear

Do we wear a mask or a facade?

Do we disguise who we really are?

Do we laugh or joke or wear a smile?

Though inside we suffer all that while?


Should we say that we are always fine?

Or tell what is really on our mind?

Are we afraid of being judged?

Or that we shall be misunderstood?


Should we keep our troubles to ourselves?

And have no one around to offer help?


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FacadesMasksPersonalityStuart Vanner

Our Countryside

This our countryside we must revere.

What would we do if it was not here?

It should all be loved and all be preserved,

To show to everyone it is deserved.


There is no more lovely pleasant scene

Than hills and vales - all covered green.

View the flowers and trees - don't take for granted

All of the things that have been planted.


And if there's something that should...

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CountrysideStuart VannerThe environment

A New Year

Welcome in this fine new year,
For it has only just arrived.
In spite of worries you faced before
You came through it and survived.

So make it one of hope and joy
And find new ideas and new ambitions.
And know that you shall always cope,
And make successes be your mission.

Let it not be a year of despair 
But one of joy for everyone.
And should you find life a bore,
Turn it into one...

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New YearStuart VannerThe Future

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