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The Ballard of Jack and Jill

It has been suggested by some, that this nursery rhyme records the attempt by King Charles 1 to reform the taxes on liquid measures.

He was blocked by Parliament, so subsequently ordered that the volume of a Jack (1/8 pint) be reduced, but the tax remained the same*. This meant that he still received more tax, despite Parliament's veto.

Hence "Jack fell down and broke his crown" (some pint g...

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More silly stuff....

1.Which is worse?


I’m not sure which I dread the most:-

“We need to talk”

Or, possibly

“There’s something I need to tell you”


Would it not just be better

If we didn’t talk

Didn’t have that conversation

Just let it quietly slide on by


Would it matter all that much

If you didn’t tell me,

You kept it to yourself

Just left me to carry on, problem free...

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Silly poems


1.Just words


Cliché ridden? Not sure. Can I ‘phone a friend?

Patience? No. Haven’t got time for that.

Tolerance?  No.  Couldn’t bear that.

Empathy?  Well, I suppose I could be persuaded.

Sympathy?  Yes of course.  There, There.

Obedience?  Me? You’ve got to be kidding.

Sarcasm?  Yeah, Right.

Egotism?  Yes, I know I can pull that one off.

Modesty?  Me? Surely not? No...

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Silly poems

A Poem A Day For A Year & Self-Evaluation - 18/01

So Sunday is the day on which I am dedicating to self-evaluation. As you may know, at the moment I am going through a bout of depression, which comes and goes and affects me to the point where I freeze at the thought of doing anything even remotely helpful. I am trying to combat this by forcing myself to do things that I see as ‘putting myself out there for the world.’ This blog and Poem A Day For...

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A giraffe fell from a spaceship

and landed in my bath.

I told my friends about it,

but all they did was laugh.


They struggled to believe me

until they saw the truth.

A giraffe with a telescope

appearing from my roof!


For more nonsense poetry visit www.georgestanworth.com


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