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When All The Laughter Stops

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When all the laughter stops, when it abides,
And all the tears of joy begin to dry,
When all the world looks up from aching sides,
And all the breathlessness allows a sigh.

A light, so brightly shining starts to wane,
But hidden out of sight, battles in vain.

When all the smiles are full, when they recede,
And straighten out into a furrowed frown,
When all the life in vibrancy concedes,
And from the top begins to whittle down.

A soul, so fiercely burning starts to dim,
Eclipsing countless others at its whim.

When all the world below begins to weep,
And broken hearts surrender to the grief,
When all the lights go out, then you to sleep,
And struggles fought allow deserved relief.

A life, so lived with fullness finds its end,
And leaves behind the mark it did intend.

When you were lost and no more found your way,
And searching could no longer guide your cause,
When you were here you chose no more to stay,
And leaving thus to thunderous applause.

For silent now your soul, that you are done,
When all the laughter stops, and you are gone.

Copyright © 2014 by Simon Austin

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Simon Austin

Fri 15th Aug 2014 17:04

Thank you M.C. - a great suggestion for the change, I've made that (not sure why that didn't come to me at the time). He was an incredible talent, I grew up to his films and always had great admiration for him - a tremendous loss.

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 15th Aug 2014 16:15

These lines would have surely met with the approval of the character RW played so well in "Dead Poets' Society".
Obviously written with huge affection/admiration for a wonderful talent.
I love the opening verse but would have settled for
"abides" in line 1 - avoiding "...sides" clashing in the same verse.
How awful that both Christopher Reeve and Robin Williams
- close friends in life - should have such tragic ends.
They deserved so much more.

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Andy N

Fri 15th Aug 2014 12:43

really liked some of his films. dead poet's society and the fisher king been just two.

a huge loss.

<Deleted User> (9882)

Wed 13th Aug 2014 07:19

MASSIVE loss.Thanks Simon.x

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