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Updated: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 01:40 pm

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A poet Last published in 'The Merseysider' magazine; Published work is also available in some Waterstones stores, Waterstones online and via amazon. If you're interested let me know and I can point you in the right direction.

Samples Spirits New Haven In the bombed out courtyard- of your church, Where the gutted interior meets desolation and loss, There, in the absence of human contact and love, Grows a flower of such understanding fragility. Ruinous rafters will not heal- burnt they will remain, While timber and old scorched ruins will forever be, But beyond the hearts of men time patiently waits, As against the odds, a most tender thing does grow. Nature, like love it seems may be pollinated upon the harshest wind, Grow unbidden and unexpected in the saddest of circumspect soil, Elegant is this stem- soft and delicate the bowed dew laden petals, Architecture and structure afforded now by life, in mind and ground. Loves devoted lost features, forever shall remain in the minds eye, Tears wept shall not salt the memories- but like rain nurture, As even now the church bell that is no more chimes to me, The old, that never left, shelters the stamen unabashed; In spirits new haven. All My Tomorrows I’m flying upon the wings of sweet devotion, In the air I catch the thoughts of ancient rhymes, As I sail upon the seas and think of your love, As I pour away the uncertainties of times. When I look into my mind- I know I miss you, As I pass you on the streets of yesteryears, In all the places I have been in all the things my life has seen, I know Language was only made- to say I miss you. With a land and all it means in 40 shades all greens, Where mountains and their streams fall to oceans where life teems, For everything I know and all the dreams I yearn to go, For music makers were only born- to sing I miss you. In the stars that beckon night and all my heart knows right, Through travelled years I’ll wend my way towards you. And the chance to let you know, That Ireland- I’ve missed you so, For County Down is where I dream; All my tomorrows.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Tommy Carroll

Thu 10th Jan 2019 05:45

... And so it goes on.
Cheers Chris

re 'Insult to Injury'
posted January 2012

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Harry O'Neill

Sat 25th Oct 2014 14:39

Chris we`re aiming for Chester on Thursday...hope to see you and Nat there!

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Harry O'Neill

Thu 3rd Apr 2014 01:39

Just struggled up through a fug of antibiotic mist
to let you know that I sent you a couple of e mails
about our dreaded lurgy, but they both came back.

Have a good night at the spoke, We`ll see you anon.

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Dave Carr

Wed 19th Feb 2014 18:12

Thanks for the comment on my poem & recitation although you didn't have to get up so early for that!
Enjoyed your poems at the Tudor.

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Katie Haigh

Fri 7th Feb 2014 17:48

Hi Chris, was it you who performed at the Ring O Bells a couple of week back. Trying to track down for Norman Warrick.

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Harry O'Neill

Thu 23rd Jan 2014 13:02

got the glasses okay this morning.

Thanks heaps (I`ll see you both at the next

Thanks again

Profile image

Harry O'Neill

Fri 17th Jan 2014 22:50

Chris, I`ve tried again with (I hope) the number you gave.

But I`m a complete ignoramus at this internet stuff..(I think I didn`t do the capital C.)



Profile image

Harry O'Neill

Fri 17th Jan 2014 18:53

You`ve made me a happy man. I`ve sent you an e mail about the glasses.

I`m sorry about leaving early, it was important
(I told Ian beforehand)

The heads getting better (slowly)...The brain went ages ago.

Thanks for your concern.

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Harry O'Neill

Wed 11th Dec 2013 22:50

Sorry I missed your Christmas do (not home in time) Still recovering. When recovered then back to the fray.

Love to Natalie and Glynis

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Ian Whiteley

Sun 11th Aug 2013 20:04

Thanks for your comment on 'Scifi so good' Chris - pleased with the comparison with Spike Milligan - a bloody genius - less so with Stanly Unwin (lol) even though, he too, was a British eccentric genius - but he used to get on my nerves :-)

Profile image

Harry O'Neill

Fri 17th May 2013 22:38

Congratulations on your new venue to you and Glenys and Natalie.

And what an enjoyable night to start it all off with.

Well done!

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 19th Apr 2013 12:30

Chris - I do hope this finds you in improved health. It is no sin to look after number one when it comes to personal well-being!! I enjoy reasoned and polite differences of opinion, recalling a friend from long ago who held the view that "argument is for the vain; discussion is for gain."

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Mon 15th Apr 2013 21:23

Just to reassure you - I don't think there were any hecklers as such, at the last Tudor.

There was one lady talking very loudly in the corridor, seemingly unaware there was a poetry night going on right next to her - and there was a very drunk local standing by the gents. I'm not sure if he was meaning to shout encouragement or whether he was just very drunk and shouting for the hell of it. That's a bit of an occupational hazard of performing at the Tudor - for me it's part of the whole charm of it - no month is ever the same :))

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Laura Taylor

Mon 15th Apr 2013 15:55

Howdy again Chris

Aye, Merry Hell are playing Wallasey this Sunday chuck. I don't think I'll be going along as will be having a late one Saturday supporting John the Baptist in Wigan. Will be needing me kip before work on Monday :) I know Bob would love to see y'all there though :)

You are bang on re John Smith. I was absolutely gutted when he died. For me, that really was the end of a genuine Labour party. It's been a sham ever since - not for the working class in the slightest, it's in name only. For 'New' Labour read 'Blue' Labour.

Aye, thanks for respecting my views, and you know that I always have time for yours, because I know that you do actually sit and think these things through, you do actually research stuff, and you form your opinions based on that research and thinking. I get so bloody tired of people regurgitating nonsense all the time!

Take good care anyway - hopefully see you and Nat soon


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Ian Whiteley

Mon 15th Apr 2013 15:33

thanks for the comments on 'fields of carbon & blood' and 'the beast' - much appreciated - enjoyed your reading at the tudor and 'i'll be back' so will have a chat with you later

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John Coopey

Sun 14th Apr 2013 22:30

I forgot to add that I very much enjoyed 'Nothing Left' as you might expect from one who has voted the same way in 11 successive general elections.

Profile image

John Coopey

Sun 14th Apr 2013 22:28

Many thanks for your kind thoughts on my prose piece, Schadenfreude.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 13th Apr 2013 15:55

Chris - thank you for your considered comments on my post "Thatcher - In Passing" - both content and style. The "Sick Man Of Europe" tag remains with those of us old enough to know those times and the seemingly endless days of confrontation and strikes are still strong in the memory, with one industry after another slowly dying from within; and from without, as newly emerging economies offered competition we couldn't hope to match. We had to change, adapt or die. Go back a couple of the glory days of our famous stage and mail coaches - eventually faced with oblivion as the various railway companies - with parliamentary backing - arrived to offer mass public transport. What, do you suppose, happened to the huge numbers of people reliant on the coaching trade? Was the PM of the day rubbished and were there efforts to bring the country to a stand still? Inevitably, as so often happens in progress, the mighty railways saw their own days numbered with the growing freedom of the private motor car and then the motorway. I ask - did they "destroy" this country or even parts of it - or were they necessary to secure the place of the country in the modern world? Ironically, the railways via the TSV/Eurostar, have since regained some new relevance/importance. Maybe, in time, our industries may also achieve some resurgence. What goes around, comes around. In the meantime, we should continue doing what we do best - invent, create, co-operate and sell! Cheers.

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Laura Taylor

Tue 26th Mar 2013 15:29

Aye will do mate, if I ever get to finishing it ;)

And yeh, read your epic ;D

Steve Smith

Sun 24th Mar 2013 19:03

Dear Chris,
thanks for the comment and will see you on Tuesday.Forgot how to use the Facebook to put this poem up.'Spirits New Haven' is a fine poem.
Best Steve

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Pete Slater

Thu 21st Mar 2013 10:03

Thank you Chris for your comment on THE NEED. I am an accidental poet and have only been writing for 2 years. Having no idea of the structure of poetry as such, I simply write. It is encouraging to have other opinions, especially if you enjoyed what you read.It's also good to leave a reader wondering, it exercises the mind.
Thank you.

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Fri 8th Feb 2013 20:51

Waffle on, Chris! That was most satisfying & mind-ordering. Many conversations aren't, & pale in comparison. Thanks a million, Chris.

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David Cooke

Fri 8th Feb 2013 18:34

Hi Chris Thanks for kind comment on my Dubai 'postcard'. I started doing them as a bit of fun as they enabled me to capture all sorts of fleeting memories, but also play around with ideas that interest me.

Profile image


Fri 8th Feb 2013 12:35

Thanks for your message, rather lengthy and still appreciated.

I still would like to find out how the second version (reading) went. I have not altered my original post for the very reasons you have stated in your prompt response.

It is my hope that my approaching you for a sounding board reflects a value for your opinion and thought process on the poem, rather than seeking to be swayed by every breath of a suggestion, hinted or otherwise.

Again, my gratitude for your interaction and kind words.


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Fri 8th Feb 2013 10:25

The key of currency
is 'changing of hands,'
a baton passed on,
in constant motion;
that binds together
all parties involved.

A fresh, crisp bill
is a bright-eyed virgin
between your fingers,
whose anticipation
and epic journey
are yet to unfold.

How does this read?
I've incorporated your much welcome suggestions.
You are greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Frederick

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John Marks

Wed 6th Feb 2013 10:59

Hi Chris. I really like your poems. I enjoy the narrative and admire the use of rhyme [never trite]. Most of all I like the sincerity. John.

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John Coopey

Thu 31st Jan 2013 21:44

Hello Chris,
Glad you liked "Samantha Louise...".
The kids (they're both in their 20's now) made me up a collage for Christmas of old photos of us when they were little and a few of my poems about them. This was one of them.
I got some of that man-dust stuck in my eye.

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Sat 19th Jan 2013 23:59

Hi Chris, I haven't seen much work from you in recent months but my guess is that's my fault. I have become a dad again for the third time and I have been busy tending to my baby daughter who is now some 3 months old.

Thank you for the comment on Out of Darkness. Yes it is to do with disability, without elaborating too much, the disability I thought of is Autism. And its effect on people who suffer this. However, I am not happy with the referral to a clowns status in her enlightenment but, as a poem that I thought would be a little different, I am happy with it I suppose, but then, all we poets can be our own worst critic.

Happy New Year to you!

Stay well.


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Harry O'Neill

Sun 23rd Dec 2012 23:36

A merry Christmas and a happy new year to you,
Glenys, and Natalie, from me and Yvonne...Hope the venues go from strength to strength in 2113.

Profile image

Paul Maxey

Tue 13th Nov 2012 11:08

Hi Chris, I really enjoyed listening to ABC and
Yesterdays post, very poignant.
regards Paul.

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