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Chris Co

Mon 30th Jan 2012 16:01

Thx Mike and Stella- appreciated :)

I see nowt wrong with structure, meter etc.
I use it as much as free verse- but!

I know of people getting right up their own passage talking about the merits of pentameter or other forms. Half the time the people doing it haven't got a clue what they are talking about, but continue for Kudos!

Sounding like little lord fauntleroy lol.
I can hear the air and grace of one right now trying to run from his own accent Haha.

Imbuing the tones of the gentry whilst casting off the clothes of all real life.

One does need to take scansion into account.
One certainly does. I personally only shoot the best scansion this time of year- wot oh!


Glad it borugh a smile :)

stella jones

Mon 30th Jan 2012 10:44

Oh Chris!!...Pen-tam-et-er indeed big smiles :)))

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Mon 30th Jan 2012 09:06

This one had me smiling Chris, I could feel the humour and to be honest, the poet can find nothing to write about without the wife job and car lol. As for pentameter, pentameter's are a damned curse if you ask me.

Nice little poem and well received.

Keep writing Chris. Nice one.


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