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The Spectacle

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I rarely do preamble but feel the need here.  

Our poetry night moved venue a month back, and in so doing we moved to a function room that the pub owners had named and decorated as 'the spectacle'.  

So what I hear you ask?

I wanted to write something with that title in mind.  In so doing I came up wth the idea of a poet in the audience - as yet unheard, becoming the greatest performance poet of all time.  A kick ass killer poet that everyone looked upto, wished to be or wanted to fcu* :)

Anyway here is what transpired;


The Spectacle

I welcome you to the spectacle, the sin and the sex of you
the style and the zest of you, the very soul and step of you.
On this stage, 'You' are the exhibit we come to inspect,
a body of evidence - a crime most suspect

You're ‘THE’ performer, a political informer, an opinion maker
mover and shaker.  Gravitas is your vocal tone
you've got God's ear, he's on your iphone!
Principled and hysterical a master of the metrical
a blasphemous charmer able to disarm ya...

You're perfect judgement,
Dizzy Gillespie on the trumpet  - Flyin high.

You're - the most powerful word.
The elegance of birds
silhouette against the sky.

No eulogy would be fit for you
no time could express the true,
scale of all your worth.

By comparison we are empty
In you we find the land of plenty,
you're Mohammed and the mountain
the golden coin and silver fountain,
you're the answer and the question
the answered prayer –

and true confession.

You're Jim Morrison, sex on fire
the killer image we all desire!
We consider you dangerous
a weapon that can change in us -
the way we think!

Think cancer's bad, you're sicker
you're an earthquake that's off the richter!

You're ‘the spectacle’.

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Chris Co

Wed 22nd May 2013 18:49

I'm just glad it seems to have worked and that some people have liked it. I was a little unsure as to whether it would work or not. It's a little different stylistically for me, but I wanted to take a chance with something.

The Garden Gray - why not if the weather is kind - thx for the great support! Not sure I can live up to such high praise, but your generosity of spirit and support of my poetry is something that is really helpful!

Hey Pete, yea I was trying to turn the poem around on the listener, it seems to have worked to some degree - so that's nice. :). Hopefully I can make Rochdale for your Sunday night - I'll try. I'd like to hear your set.

Hi Isobel, again really glad you like the poem. I'll certainly perform it at Wigan. I guess it does reflect a little of the good, the bad and the envy hehe. That could be a poem title right there!

Thx for the positive feedback - V much appreciated and thx for reading...

Best of


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Wed 22nd May 2013 16:51

I love this Chris - you'll have to perform it in Wigan!

I like the undercurrent of jealousy that I can sense running through this - the page poets real assessment of 'the spectacle' maybe :)

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Pete Slater

Wed 22nd May 2013 13:09

Hya Chris.
Gray posted this on Facebook, rightly so. So I thought I would chip in. Enjoyed the reading of it at the Brooklyn. I like the idea of turning the poem round and aiming at the listener directly. Keep transpiring, perspiring and beguiling.
Pete the Bus Driving Poet.

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Poets Corner

Wed 22nd May 2013 12:25

Hi Chris (mate) are a true star you are!

You are one of those special Poets who write special words covering special things and subjects that only special people see...

You have not disappointed in your above Poem...

Really enjoyed Gallaghers Pub n barbers?? lol
It will be great in The Summer (if we get one) as maybe you could hold the event in The Garden?...
Thank you for putting together a good night!
Thank you for being you!

My Bests Mate - Gray

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