Childhood Competition - And The Winner Is...


Thanks to everyone who took part by submitting a poem or voting for their favourite(s). Seems like a great many people had trouble choosing just one. It's been really interesting to see how everyone has approached the subject of Childhood - I wasn't sure how well it would go down as a topic.

Anyway, here are the results:




The winner:

Anna Percy – Childhood Recollection:

Second place:

Kath Hewitt – My Childhood Rainbow:

Joint third place:

Chris Co – Where Did They Go:


Rachel Bond - Thoughts From Childhood:



Anna, if you email me an address I'll post you out the £10 Waterstones voucher this weekend.

Thanks again, have a great weekend everyone.


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Anna Percy

Wed 27th Apr 2011 00:39

I am such a fool I had no idea I won! Cynthia told me this evening at WOL in Sale! I am ecstatic! and where do I email for my prize I can't use outlook.

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Marianne Louise Daniels

Mon 7th Feb 2011 14:32

Congratulations to anna and co. Really enjoyed reading all the entries. was very hard to choose.

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Laura Taylor

Mon 7th Feb 2011 12:44

Congrats to Anna, and to Kath, Chris and Rachel - all fine fine poems.

Looking forward to the next theme!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 6th Feb 2011 17:25

Congratulations, Anna. Your poem is absolutely worthy of first choice among the WOL readers. Everyone sent in high calibre work, and I greatly enjoyed reading variations on this past theme also.

Janet Ramsden

Sun 6th Feb 2011 12:38

Congratulations to Anna and the others and thanks to Thom for continuing with the theme poems ;-)

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Ann Foxglove

Sat 5th Feb 2011 08:17

Yes, thank you Thom and very well done to Anna.

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kath hewitt

Fri 4th Feb 2011 21:06

hee hee have to say i'm chuffed despite telling myself mine wasn't half as good as the others!!
Thanks to all of you who voted for my poem and congratulations to Anna.
Well done to everyone involved :-))

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Fri 4th Feb 2011 19:24

Félicitations à tout le monde !

Yes, the themed poetry competitions are interesting and fun!
Merci Thom : )

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Rachel Bond

Fri 4th Feb 2011 19:10

thanks for the votes for the joint 3rd ..well done Coey. Anna and Kath congrats. I found the poem my childhood rainbow particularly moving and beautifully written.
thanks Thom

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Fri 4th Feb 2011 18:08

Congratulations everyone! I love these themed poetry writing projects/competitions. It is fascinating to see the different ways each poet approaches them.

Thank you Thom for oranising it. x

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