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The Truth Is Sadness

entry picture

Decorated lives
shuffling onwards
towards inevitable darkness
we cloak ourselves
in the hood of love
cover the cage
deny the sky above
the truth is sadness

Tiny movements
helpless gestures
elliptical orbits
around the heart of happiness
an argument
with a river
convinced of our control
tilting the rudder
towards hope
the truth is sadness

Fold the patterned sheet
around your ...

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Ride Twice

entry picture

As a child, racing past the height post
eager to ride the roller coaster
there were those who'd jostle in the queue
to sit at the very front
with an uninterrupted view of what was coming
no obstruction to the beauty
of the madness
afforded by that ride
to see it all and see it first
filling up their eyes

And there were those of us who’d choose the back seats
secretly knowing that was ...

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What Have You Done With The Daylight?

What have you done with the daylight?
What have you done 
with all you’d waited for, so patiently
those long days of nothing
those long days of stumbling lost
between the armchair and the fridge
What have you done with the daylight?

What have you done with the daylight?
Since it came to you completely
painted so beautifully
smiling down and sunny
licking the edges of your everything

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daylighthappinesslifemaking the most of life

My Prescription

Too seriously; I tend in my journey
too easy to focus on the duty
the facts of what’s in hand
the doing of a thing

So precious to see the nonsense
appreciate the humour
the madness
in everything you’re tasked with
by this modern world

So freeing to have a sense of silliness
draw a cock and balls on your mortgage application
scribble a cape and tights across the undertaker’s pamphlet


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At Dream's End

At dream’s end 
we let the water flow

At dream’s end
loosening our grip
hold the best bits
release the scenes that never came

I imagined endless parties
some intangible heart that I could puncture
I imagined so much more
turns out it’s just another place 
moving at a heightened pace

Now I sit quietly
by the chequered flag
grateful to have run
chest heaving

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Let The Tide Decide

On some night-time road
with only the distant moon
or your dimming torch 
meting its weak light out

Do not be afraid of getting lost
some new thing 
may come to you there 
on the path that you can't see
some great thing may surprise you

On that long journey 
towards day's promised ending
without a real map 
to study or call upon

Do not be afraid of being wrong
take a chance 

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finding thingsgetting lostlifesurprises


I would not say this heart is hungry
I dare not say this heart is heavy
I only know now, a surer sense of all I want
a clearer description of what will fire
the drive, the rush, the love in me

If we're not going out tonight
then can we just sit and giggle
at each other, at the TV, at the others
can she laugh with me, make fun of me
until we have tears in our eyes, can’t breathe

When ...

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Morning Mellow

With eyes closed
I'm morning mellow
and grateful

Survived another crash
the screech of a derailment
isn't mine this time
but it only gets later 
in the day of my life
my luck must be spilling out
soon to all be spilled

Morning mellow, with eyes closed
still invincible 
at thirty seven

Beyond the pane
summer wind rips
licks at the glass
makes me feel small
and safe, for now


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Death Is The Only Song

As the sun slowly slides
through a quickly capsizing sky
you laugh at me for taking photographs
for wanting to record this way of things
do you not feel that this is temporary
do you believe there won't be a different way

These are precious moments
these are precious moments
in our short lives

And with each day that ends 
I feel a larger ending
creeping closer
and with each dusk de...

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deathlifelovelove and time passingtime

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