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Shedding Skin

Been living with trouble in mind
trouble of mind, troubling life
with trouble pulled inside

Spent a decade in the shade
spent a decade dealing in shame
a decade; feeling a certain kind of hate

Crawled out into the light
staggered through that blinding light
still I busied myself 
with needless slivers of selfish night

Do you want to start again
do you want to make that change

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Farewell Serpentine

Circling the water
one final evening
I catch sight of my reflection
see those lines forming
writ across my brow
so I roll my head in ink
kiss the page…

Soon, we’ll be quietly leaving
no longer anchored in Zone Two
swaddled by the Thames
for an unknown pause we’re going now
The shapeless mess of time approaches
with me, desperately
clawing at relief lines
to understand what gradient

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goodbyeleavinglondonmoving on

Storm Chasers

Tyre tracks on dirt roads
storm chasers
looking for the eye
or something on the other side

Peddle kisses the floor
world whips past the window
tearing up the old road
headed North, searching for more

We were happy here
but could there be greater happiness
storm is a chorus
always another verse 
on the other side…

In some mad way
we’re headed for a great...

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movingmoving citiesmoving housemoving on


Tunnelling in the dirt below my feet
I've been digging here all week
carving this hollow so deep
today, I hit bone

This is heavier work than I imagined
surveyed the ground from beyond the fence
And we both agreed that this was right
but now the toil is breaking me apart

As a new day rises
I'm bawling in the shower
never knew I could feel this pain
with the taps turned up to ten
never knew this hurt was in me


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break updepressionlowmoving onsadness

Pull Apart The Perfect Nest

So then, stick by stick
tonight we tear off strip after strip
the newest feathers first
then the older twigs and vines
with each one
my heart drops
until there's nothing left
and nowhere lower
just empty branches
where our sweet home once was

Inch by inch
we pack and divide the moss
all the soft things we've collected
years of careful, loving selection
pecking them away, each and e...

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