House of Fun

Parliament’s back from its jollies,                                             

And the Speakers are back in their chair.                                 

How grand it would be sans comedians                                                

With their japes and their pranks! I despair!                             


I’ll be home watching BBC Parliament live                               

(catch it on Freeview TV)                                                      

With fork-tongued debaters avowing they speak                      

For all of us, yes, even me.                                                       


I’d hoped that in time I’d be better informed,                            

Tuning in to the cut and the thrust                                 

Of the disparate voices, telling me why                         

It’s their words, only theirs, I can trust.                         


But I’ve come to believe that’s the problem.                             

It’s the MP’s who’ll give but can’t take,                                   

Who at times will get over-aggressive;                          

Who I fear don’t improve with a break.                        


So Parliament’s back from its jollies,                                        

But I’m doubtful there’s little that’s changed                             

Debates will descend, as before, into farce                               

And its Members still act as deranged  

◄ 1842

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 7th Jan 2019 16:08

Good fun - with more than a slice of truth! In my lifetime I've seen
the incumbents - led by those on government benches - place their
allegiance to "party" and other interests before that of the electorate.who invested them with power to govern the country..and it continues to this day.

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