My name is Ebenezer

And this tale I bring to you

Gives an insight into living

From a killjoy's point of view


Before I start my Yuletide rant

A word of explanation.

Christmas is a drag to me

No cause for jubilation.


It comes around but once a year

Yet seems to last forever

I'm happy when it's been and gone

And it return? Well? NEVER!


Mistletoe and wreaths of holly

Christmas carols, Christmas cheer

Turkeys fattened up for stuffing

Same old bollocks every year


Christmas past, and Christmas presents

On line shopping takes the strain

Christmas served up via Broadband

Christmas spirit down the drain


Good-will to all? Well maybe not

Benevolence slipped by.

I'm sure by now you've figured out

I'm just an anti-social guy.


I hope that I've convinced you

Set your inner Humbug free

Make the world a better place

Become a Grumpy Git like me


◄ The Last of the Mohicans


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John Coopey

Wed 7th Dec 2022 21:32

As Avicii say, "Wake me up when it's all over".

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 7th Dec 2022 17:24

I can understand the temptation to be a Seasonal stooge -
When everything seems on the scrounge - and emulate,
Ebenezer Scrooge? 😉

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 7th Dec 2022 07:41

A wonderful humbug!

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 7th Dec 2022 07:32

Very entertaining!

<Deleted User> (34685)

Tue 6th Dec 2022 20:17

leave it to the kids I say but just a shame they cant pay


<Deleted User> (9882)

Tue 6th Dec 2022 12:45

at th'end 😁

Rose 💋

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Tue 6th Dec 2022 11:04

"Turkeys fattened up for stuffing"

All depends on which way we vote, I suppose!😕

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