The Last of the Mohicans

Closely based on an actual Lockdown haircut experience


Salt and peppered Caledonian,

Wanderer now set to stay,

Coupled with a native lassie,

Living close by Rossie Brae.


She it is maintains his hairstyle

During these Corona days.

She it is who wields the blade

That shapes wee Baz in many ways. 


His preference was a simple cut

“Perhaps a little off the top,

Nothing fancy, just a trim”

To service his untidy mop.


But came the day of which I write,

With Baz ensconced in ‘Barber’s chair’

(a ‘chair’ that’s just a kitchen stool

That Irene used when cutting hair)


She knew full well the style he liked,

But little ever goes as planned,

The shearing started well, but then,

The razor slipped in Irene’s hand.


It made a track along one side,

So then, sans hesitation,

She made his ‘look’ symmetrical.

A Mohawk aberration!


The razor stopped, the room grew still,

Baz sensed the ‘trim’ had gone awry.

The mirror then confirmed his fears.

Who said that big boys never cry?


In time of course new hair will sprout

And surely then the locks will flow.

We may forget what lockdown caused.

There’ll always be that photo though!!

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