Speaking Up (Confidence)

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Speak up now, speak up. I hear you cried 
why oh why , don't you say what's on your mind 
conforming like a lamb to slaughter 
not firm or rigid like bricks and of mortar 
I know it's wrong to stay in silence 
but fear alone tips the balance 
to my conformity and uncertainty 

The little voice cries again 
speak up now, m speak up 
Don’t be a victim let words be weapons 
Like arrows or bows, let’s see what happens 
Will wrong be right or good triumph 
But I quieten down and do a small huff 
Whimpering softly to my discontent 
Why can’t I speak, what I really owt to. 

My mouth runs dry and I start to panic 
I foresee bad emotions and they’re all,  gigantic 
Like a freight train being stopped, 
By a single dandelion clock 
How can I be a match to thee
So I sit back down to not make such a scene 
I hear the damaging words again 

Speak up now, speak up, my inner voice said 
I beg, I plead, be quiet think tolerance instead 
But the little voice speaks louder 
Speak now or else, we will all flounder 
I downplay the thoughts, someone else must speak 
But no, no argument presents my views are unique 

I promise myself, I won’t utter a word 
The aggressor continues without being unspurred 
My anger and strength starts to again grow 
Until I stand,  which is now unplanned 
And raise my right hand 
With the six words
I’d like to speak now!!! 



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Robert Shersby

Wed 2nd Mar 2022 15:07

Thanks John, yeah following conversation decided to try out an unstructured one.
Hence why confidence I thought was a poignant theme 😃

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John Coopey

Wed 2nd Mar 2022 14:55

I like the image of the dandelion clock and the way it flits in and out of rhyme. Good to see a more unstructured piece than “see me”.

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