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Decided to try hand at couple of poems. Very new beginner so please be gentle. Been in caring sector for over 20 years, now full time parent and part time hobbyist magician in spare time. I’m currently just doing the basics which hopefully will rhyme and form some type of structure. Fingers crossed at least one poem is likeable in the future :)

Can You See Me?

Do you see me? Standing in the corner All black and blue like a Monet or turner Hiding from view as to not make a scene Whilst inside of me, is a silent scream Childhood now gone I’m now an adult I ask, Do you see me? Do you see me? Years of violence by the kindness of hands How could I trust a mum and dad I see you now but don’t look at me under this armour, I’m vulnerable, you see You think that I’m strong but I feel I’m weak Can you still love me? Do you still love me? I push and I pull, the people that care You could try living in my worst nightmare Teachers, fosterers, agree that they know Why I’m so Feral, and cause them Agro I flirt, I bite and I slash and I curse Where is my family, you all made it worse Here I am now, stood back in the corner It’s too late now for me I have enough mourners It was all futile and altogether worthless The social care changes I couldn’t care less, Do you finally see. Do you finally see… me!!!

Speaking up

Speak up now, speak up. I hear you cried  why oh why , don't you say what's on your mind  conforming like a lamb to slaughter  not firm or rigid like bricks and of mortar  I know it's wrong to stay in silence  but fear alone tips the balance  to my conformity and uncertainty  The little voice cries again speak up now, speak up Don’t be a victim let words be weapons Like arrows or bows, let’s see what happens Will wrong be right or good triumph But I quieten down and do a small huff Whimpering softly to my disgust Why can’t I speak, what I really ought to. My mouth runs dry and I start to panic I foresee bad emotions and they’re all, gigantic Like a freight train being stopped, By a single dandelion clock How can I be a match to thee So I sit back down to not make a scene I hear the damaging words again Speak up now, speak up, my inner voice said I beg, I plead, be quiet think tolerance instead But the little voice speaks louder Speak now or else, we will all flounder I downplay the thoughts, someone else will speak But no, no argument presents my views are unique I promise myself, I won’t utter a word The aggressor continues without being unspurred My anger and strength starts to again grow Until I stand, which is now unplanned And raise my right hand With the six words I would like to speak now!!!

The Souls Of 3

What is it that drives my fear The way it’s Scaring me Is it my last breathe, with family near Inviting death to see With no other thought, than not to take My family and their own souls of three I saw my life and my wife’s life In a kingdom of the light And angels wrapped their wings that held and gripped us tight With a choir that peacefully sing I could see my children with harps in heaven Playing for my wife and me All the while I kept asking why In this kingdom of the light For 30 years I feared, my families cries Of death taking from their sight My family with their souls I see Why and how did it happen. My life is great Than those who murdered me Or wronged us greatly now plea The angels couldn’t change our fate Nor death staring at our family tree But this can never separate my soul From my dearest family of three For We can never part, or indeed start Another life than ours, that was free Footsteps not walked or speeches talked From my family and their souls I can see And so by my grave I lie on my side Think on my darlings, my wife, my child Just always with them, as you pass by My family and their souls that I flee

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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