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Wheel of Fortune

Sir Silly Billy

Flushed his fortune

Down the pan

Dealt a card

Joker of jest

High society reject.


Roger the dodger

Took a chance

Slice of luck

Credit card found

Name Billy Silly

Spent it all.

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Pollution Strikes Butt Tips Shower from the Sky

The number of individual

                                     Disrespectful smokers

                                     Butt ends

                                     Used matches.

The number of complaints

                                     Upset residents

                                     Constantly bombarded

                                     Dirty windows.

The nu...

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Whte Ashes Black Magic

entry picture

White Ashes Black Magic

Alter stone

Ceremoniously cleaned.

Dragged screaming

Endorsed death.

Chosen virgin

Bonded chained.

Morning Sun

Awaits sacrifice.

Dawn rises

Spirit given.

Pumping heart

Killer knife.

Devil worshipers

Slit throat.

Blood spurts

Red river.

Dancing circle

Demons dance.

Symbolic gift

Human soul.

Smashed skull


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Punch Line

Leapt about

nothing fits.

Dressed quickly

dashed out.

Friend upset

Whats up?

Falling face

cloudy frown.

Urgently needed

cheerful clown.

Suspected breakdown

teardrops due.

Seriously suicidal

life saver.

Corny joke

nervously told.

Simple smile

punch line.

Laughter bursts

depression cured.

Eyebrows raised

Asking why?

Zip undone


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The Assassin

The Assassin


Contract of death

Select hit location

Engage target fire.


The victim falls

To check kill

Act as helper.


Jogger says Hello

Pausing for breath

I saw everything.


Remove tense situation

Grit replaces rage

Hold sympathetic stare.


Sweat soaker explains

Standing then collapsing

Clutching his chest.


Preventing this ...

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To receive full contract payment extra body bags a

A Ghostly Gift

entry picture

Wealthy Uncle

Lived alone

Discovered dead.

Family members

All notified

Rapid response.

Financial gains

Sudden interest

Crowded church.

Greedy vultures

Flock around

Skeleton bones.

Cursed grave

Sleeping spirit

Seeks revenge.

Solicitor's office

Scavengers arrive

Rich pickings.

Cat's charity

Sole benefactor

Hostile reaction.

Howling wind


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