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A Pint of Christmas Pudding - - - Please

The Oldknow welcomes

festive prolific return 

rampant Stockport poets


Slightly stronger tasting

then pudding ale

Christmas beer available


Smooth and slick

eager eyes sparkled

crowd pleaser started


Mike held high

poetic electric buzz

poetry full volume


Local verdict unanimous

clapping for more

successful night ends


Big thank you


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Stockport Poets W O L tour has started


Yellow cab door opens for me

country music fades into Vegas blues

crazy bastard plays a different tune

splattering automatic bloodpath death to all

body count rises running targets fall

I watched helpless waiting to die


The Taxi Driver says - - - it's time to go

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When a Taxi Driver saved my life

Poetic Madness To Die For!

Discover themes of the past

memeory lines recharge poetic madness

The Complete Marble untouchable glory

collage poetry to die for!

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Stockport Collage Poems 2011-2017

Fly like a Bird land like a Stone

The magic roundabout

rides pound a time

ghost of cousin Sally

gives me a smile

whispers in my ear

Please hang on tight

I fell off here

landed with broken neck

buried inside local cemetery

that one over there

not far to go

for a fairground flyer

to name on stone.

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I never went on the ghost ride ever again - - -

Local Drinking Establishment Invaded by W.O.L Poets

Steep wooden

creaking steps

slowly came

curious visitors


Within minutes

empty seats

turned into

serious overcrowding


Words spoken

poetry flowed

this party

had started!


Late drinking

was kept

just about

under control


Proposed bookings

for more

still at

planning stage.

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Poetry event at the Samuel Oldknow in Marple

Angels Rise

Objective of the few

mass killings to divide


Instead heart-warming solidarity

people together fighting evil


Singing songs of Manchester

candlelight vigils angels rise


Peace love and understanding

a City as one.


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Fighting evil together

Vision Explorer

Imagination comes out of nowhere

landing inside a fantasy world

projects ideas into different images

let's you decide the direction

when flying off it leaves

a poem of your creation.

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Without imagination I have no poem

When the Tables are Turned

Starting a probing search

causes an awkward situation

leading to unnecessary concern

of reasons behind questions.


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Something not there stirs something that is

Staying in Tonight

entry picture

Totally fed up

boyfriend gone away

forgot my birthday.


Steam clean shower

armpits hair shaven

pluck eyebrows extreme.


Lady garden trim

perfumed face cloth

rub all over.


Perfectly painted nails

sexy red hot

mirrored delight awaits.


The tattooed dragon

above lady navel

girl on fire.


Text for pizza

tanned young Peter

please s...

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Extra spicy please send round

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