Let me tell you about the voices that come as a flood to my mind

Of the whispers that creep in, in the middle of the night

Spreading deceit and lies of me

Voices that come to delude me and blind me of the truth

To stir up anger and cause offence to manifest

These voices constantly uttering words

Pushing and prodding to be heard

Seeking attention their primary motive

Sent to distract me from my course


I close my eyes and open my spirit

To hear the one voice that  is within me

The still small voice that always leads me

The calm that always steers me

Then my ear muffs come on, drowning out all the voices except one

The one that resides in me

The voice that matters always

The voice that speaks of truth and eggs me to love

The voice of the one I call my friend

◄ Awareness


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