Daddy's Whisper

I'm cosy and warm here in my 'bed'
Soothing voices I hear in my head.
Voices I welcome and already know.
As day by day I develop and grow.
I hear Mummy and Daddy softly talk.
And I feel the motion of a speed walk!
Restless at times I may toss and turn.
While everyday new things I learn.
Those caressing strokes I love to feel
Already I've learnt to smile for real!
Rachel I recognise,  my Auntie to be.
My eyes now opening, light I can see.
Comforting, I hear Mum's heartbeat.
And Daddy's whisper, another treat.
Not long now before I greet the Sun.
And see the face of my beautiful Mum.

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Tue 26th Nov 2019 15:00

Extremely emotional!!! A child's journey to growing up n parents play an important part in their journey in every way. Well written piece!!

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