Pain & Love Healing my inner child

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I am here because you invited me! You asked for love but you are denying its polarity.

I am not pain and I am not love; I am here for you to remember; I am a guiding point; I can be an enemy or an empathy! I am here to wake you up from your illusions!

I am nothing more than a chemical reaction triggered by your body’s necessity. I am not love; I am not pain; I am “THAT” you welcome me to be. I am the interpretation your brain gives to me.

The fear threatening your throat is your resistance to release me. The thought blowing up your mind is the limitation of your brain believing in this reality.

Before yourself attracts me, I am merely a sound of the universal mind! The fertile soil of your body resonates to my vibration. Through rivers of your blood my melody gets trapped.

I am merely a thought caught up in your energetic space. Then; you put an “I,” “my,” or “mine” and you identify yourself with me. 

You deny me and I become your hell, you allow me to be and I become your heaven. You attach your “I” to me and I become your identity. I am merely a thought and without an “I” emotion has no power to be!

You are living hell in Earth while it seems paradise to me, but you always forget that is your interpretation that gives meaning to me.

With Love,

The wandering stars of the soul. 🙏

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Kevin Tan

Mon 5th Jun 2023 06:41

It's good that the Furies are not only Avengers, but also poets!

The shining suns of the souls greet you! 🎇🎆

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John Botterill

Sun 4th Jun 2023 09:28

Another stunning poem which challenged my thinking and posed some extraordinary questions, Matilda.
I suppose thought does produce chemical reactions and processes which goes on, again, to influence our thinking. The link between pain and love, too, needs to be explored.
A top poem from a very fine writer. 🌷

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