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Matilda Simakaj

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Matilda Simakaj works in Health and Social Care industry and she currently resides in the UK. She has a degree in Biology and a further degree in Health and Social Care. She has a love of languages and her passions are for reading, writing, traveling, early mornings and gardening. Having lived in three countries and been influenced by different religions, philosophies and mentalities she has embraced diversity, learned new skills and been fully involved in their cultures. These experiences have taught her how to connect with people and navigate her way through the stormy seas of life. Matilda has worked as sales manager and hotel manager for many years and from her early age she realised that service was her calling. The questions which have intrigued her have always been existential and at the age of thirty eight a shift in her consciousness changed the course of her life. Her later years have been devoted to integrating, experimenting, transcending, and expressing a holistic approach to the art of life. For her poetry and literature represent the ability to seek solutions by unifying art, science, knowledge and technique. By interweaving emotions, intellect and spirituality, she considers humanity can awaken the power of inner beauty. Her dream is to encourage and inspire people to recognise and implement the full potential of their own voice, and share their talents with the world. Writing can be a process for personal growth and self-healing, where people can become their own holistic artist.

The light in you

Oh, my beloved one, use my eye to vision the universe! Use my aura to feel the depth! Use my breeze to listen the rhythm inside! Use my ocean to quench the thirst! Use my rain to create the dance! Use my sun to brighten the heart! Use my silence to spell the words! Use my love to breath yourself! Use my arm and learn to rest! Use my dazzling light to architect the path! As it is in this light that you are gonna shine! With love, The wandering stars of the soul.

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