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A street full

There is the guy with the paunch and

The hat that’s too small for his head

Looking kind of bemused and confused

The two young lads with a dog

That just won’t move

The guy with cropped down cargo pants

And long grey beard parted in the middle

The edging traffic

The chippy with nobody in it

The tight-fitting girls with a child in a buggy

The older man at the bus stop glaring

White hair slightly slopping shoulders

Gawping at the runaway Sallys

Across the street

Waiting for a bus that may never come

Puffing blithely on a roll your own no 6

And life carries on in a street

Full of all goings on

And hardly a word is said or spared

In the to and fro exchange of looks and glances

That say so much more to the one who

Knows what to look for and what to expect

The guys busy in the kebab shop

Cooking frying taking orders

Between the shuttered premises of those

Who are just nine to five

Another day of passing by on the street of life

Hello goodbye

Until tomorrow

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Sun 23rd Jun 2024 16:46

Hi once again Martin. Politics isn't really my speciality, but the mention of Thatcher prompts me to speculate that her heavy handed and inflexible approach to running the country was the very opposite of what a disenfranchised rundown group of people who lost heart and significance by the very tearing out of the work ethic and its tiny miracles needed - it was bound to lead to a partial breakdown of hope and community. After all, how much of that can we really absorb? Still we did have the yuppie culture, so can we really complain?


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Martin Elder

Sun 23rd Jun 2024 09:34

Thanks to all the like including Nigel, Tom, Blackrose, Stephen, Stephen Aisha, Manish and Auracle
Thanks also to M.C. David Ray and Keith for comments
Keith I love observational poetry, trying to paint a picture of what I see
Ray there does seem to be little hope on the surface of some peoples lives- yet I suspect if you dig a little deeper there is something more. I think people have lost the ability to speak yo each other, just simply passing the day and therefore not connecting.
David thanks for your comments about Thatcher . I remember her saying that and thinking at the time it was an outrageous statement. You are right my intention wasn't to make any observation other than people going about there daily lives.
When lockdown occurred and I went for my daily walk for exercise I would make a habit of saying hello to anybody I might come across who seemed relieved and smiled back . It is so important i think to try and make that connection.

Once again thank you for likes and comments
Love and blessings
to all

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 20th Jun 2024 16:08

An entertaining observational example that surely finds its
predecessors in past days, with different apparel and accessories
in their lives but with very much the same outlook on life and their fellow travellers in this existence we share across the

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David RL Moore

Thu 20th Jun 2024 13:55

To me this exemplifies Thatchers "No such thing as society" quote.

Identity Politics has played into this notion, so many people have devolved away from society and become factionalised. People looking at each other with distrust, immediately applying labels to people they observe before any interaction ever occurs. Is it a defence mechanism or is it just a wilful alienation from each other?

I suspect this interpretation was not your intention and maybe it is my own mood which has influenced it, but that is what I take from it. I think in answer to the question Ray poses in his comment, there seems little hope. Unless we move away from divisive groupings and identify upon our greater commonality, that of humanity.

But hey...what do I know, what do any of us know? maybe instinct sometimes trumps knowledge.


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Wed 19th Jun 2024 21:48

Is there hope on the streets though Martin? Your presentation is so accurate and reminscent of a sort of lost tribe who prevail in a parallel world - the real one. I'm sure it has its own rules and constructs, and too much would have me reaching for the disembowelling knife.....(read self harm).

Well done for such impact in a poem.


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keith jeffries

Wed 19th Jun 2024 12:00

this is a classic observational poem in which your descriptive prowess comes to the fore. I particularly liked the way that you painted a picture in words which gives the reader a clear perspective of what is taking place.
Thank you for this,

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