The pills that I have taken

The stories that I have swallowed

The stories that I have told myself

The rumours I have passed on

None of which were true

The blank black stars that surround my bed

The lies that I have found sitting in my head

That I have opened up

That have filled a room

Getting bigger one on top of another

The days that have become years before I have turned around

And here I am at the age of miscontent

A drab and silver slab

My only point of pointless reference

To a dead and dying flesh

Yet here I am

Still very much alive

As I kick back the covers

And shout into the mirror

Hey you old man

What are you doing with your life?

Time to spit out your pills

Knock the rumours on the head

And…oh yeah, just once in a while

Not too much


◄ The long Silence

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Martin Elder

Wed 6th Jul 2022 17:19

Thanks to Nigel John Aisha Holden and K for liking. And thank you to Carol and Keith for your encouraging comments. I imagine if you had written it Keith it would have been a lot more eloquent than me.
Thanks again

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Carol Congalton

Tue 5th Jul 2022 01:40

Enjoyed this! Sounds like there's plenty of life left to sparkle!😎

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keith jeffries

Mon 4th Jul 2022 23:19

This is so very good. I can relate to it. Had you not written it I would have done so at some time in the future. The final five lines really sum it up.
Thank you for this

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Martin Elder

Mon 4th Jul 2022 21:53

Thanks Rose. I have to admit I did struggle this morning. My wife and I went to a wedding at the weekend which involved a lot of driving. I am knackered!

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Rose Casserley

Mon 4th Jul 2022 14:17

Ha! loved it Martin 👍 now I have a question for you,
are you out of that flipping bed yet? 😆

RC 💋

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