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Hello guys! I am Mahira, a young writer and poetry blogger from India. I'd be highly grateful if you read any of my works. Criticism and appreciation are equally welcome. Please read!

The mysterious night sky

Far from the worldly glitz, Away from superficial beauty, There lies a world deep and sparkling, Comprising both mysteries and serenity. Where darkness, so peacefully, co-exists with light. A world that is black, But, by no means dull. Such is the beauty of the Mysterious Night Sky ❤️ Clusters of scintillating dots, looking towards us, Along with the Moon-being protected by cloudy knights. So heavenly is their brilliance, So intriguing is their enigma! Such is the beauty of the Mysterious Night Sky ❤️ How is it, that something can be so amazing as that, And yet so peculiar...? An unsolved mystery it is, That keeps expanding, on altitudes so high. So queer is the beauty, Of the Mysterious Night Sky.

I have seen

Every man jack, sees the scattered colours, Hardly any hear them sing. The songs of gaiety, beauty and wonders, I've heard them carolling. I've seen the flowers dancing, To the wild tunes of winds. I've heard the trees chatter, And pass each other grins. I have seen the scintillating stars, Diminish the dark of night. I have beheld the sun bringing new hopes, And mighty mountains standing like knights. For all that I feel and see, I thank the Almighty. The charm of His nature I can see, That is the greatest ecstasy.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 3rd Jul 2022 20:50

Thanks for your comment on 'Mountain', Mahira. I will get back to you on your poems.

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 7th Dec 2021 21:19

Thank you, Mahira, for your kind comments on Climate Change (and us?). I feel that this is the most important issue in the world.

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