A Story

A Story


The signals, at first, were random, but as time passed they became more frequent, almost urgent. Finally ready, Sherman gathered his men. No longer could they ignore the situation. It was time. The light was calling to them and they would oblige. Sherman, a man of action and determination, consulted with Kaspar. The diplomat was astute and wise. His visionary guidance would be of great value to their conquest. Close confidants, they would map the logistics, and plan a course for victory.

Montillio sat brooding. He was not interested in the dignitary’s approach. The rogue of the bunch, Montillio loved a good fight and would engage as he thought necessary. Often, and sometimes at the expense of the others, he would disregard all protocol to get the job done. Dynamic in nature and confident that he alone could. Plotting his own course, he listened with occasional outbursts of disagreement, balking at Kaspar’s methodical ways. Sherman admired Montillio’s bravery and conviction. Montillio’s unwavering prowess was indeed a great attribute. He knew he could count on Montillio when things got tough. But, now, Sherman insisted Montillio listen and not be too quick to act. With so much at stake, they must all work together.

Sven sat quietly. He was cool, calculating. It was he who made sure no stone was left unturned, no adversaries left undefeated. He who hung back, patiently waiting his turn. The cleaner, the finisher, Sven saw the whole picture. He was passionate in his role supporting his fellow men at arms. Sven would see to it that no one was left behind.

A truer brotherhood there had never been. This would indeed be an epic journey.

Much preparation was necessary. They planned, debated and concluded. They would embark henceforth. This was perhaps the greatest challenge they had yet faced. Their mission was one for freedom. Freedom from tyranny and persecution. Freedom from slavery of mind, and of spirit. They left before dawn, carrying only what they needed. Sherman led the way. He could see the light and guided his men toward it. He was anxious but showed no fear. Kaspar warned of the perils they would face. There would be demons and dragons, those who questioned their virtue. Those who stood staunchly guarding the light. These forces would not give it up freely. Montillio vowed to slay them all. Sven, ever stoic, nodded in agreement.

They chose a base camp. A rocky shore that was familiar and safe. She had received word of their arrival and with her own careful planning agreed to the rendezvous. She brought with her a fleet of ships and gifts of nourishment. Sherman thanked her graciously and took her in his arms. He held her close and felt the power within her. The light was bright, almost blinding. Montillio was ready to jump right in, but Kaspar held him back. Patience was key. Sven moved a little closer encouraging his friend to wait.

She had been trapped. Isolated for so long, Had someone heard as her soul cried out into the void? Ever searching, holding on to hope, knowing that out there, somewhere, was the purest, the whitest of light. She felt it on her skin, her hair, her face and within her very being. She felt the glow within her eyes and within her heart. Even in her darkest moments, that light shone. That light, soothing all her pains, giving her strength and the courage to believe. To believe that freedom could and would be.

The full moon filled the sky as Sherman told her of his quest. It was She that he and his men had traveled so far to see. She who they were here for. She was the light, the force that guided them. She chuckled, how could this be so? For she too was seeking the light. She had been bound for so long by darkness and sadness. Demons holding her back. Dragons beating her down.

Sherman and his men were true and valiant. Was this to be the fulfillment that She sought? She wrestled with emotions that she never knew she had. Strong and patient all this time, She was now vulnerable, afraid. Kaspar was there to allay her fears. He spoke to her honestly and with a kindness she had never known. He assured her it was true. Their quest was the light of which she was. It was time for her to be free and to shine upon the world. Sherman again held her tightly. Montillio nudging her in his boisterous yet cavalier way. And Sven, with his nod and eyes that told true.

Then she felt it and she knew that it was to be.

She became free.

She became the light.


To be continued...



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