A Story...II

“Godspeed” She whispered. She stood and watched as the ships sailed out of sight.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Before leaving, Montillio was able to gather a small crew of trusted allies to man the boats. Hardy men with Souls worthy of the cause. With Sven’s approval all but one were let aboard. The Solstice had begun. With new hope, they sailed with the rising and setting sun. The seas were calm. Their voyage quick.

Sven, navigating the way, was more silent than usual. He watched as they approached land. He could hear them. The voices of his ancestors. Rugged sea faring warriors. The land his people had chosen was remote and rocky. For generations it had served as a stronghold. Few outsiders dared to navigate the swift currents around the many jagged islands. Those unfortunate enough to make it to shore were quickly defeated. Their ships pirated and salvaged, no survivors. To Sven, this place was home.

They anchored in a small cove, protected from the fierce winds that blew out of the Northeast. The newly hired crew remained with the ships. Sherman, Montillio, Kaspar and Sven rowed the dark waters in silence. Once ashore, Sven led the way. They came soon to the fortress, a labyrinth of caves winding deep throughout a sheer and towering mountain of rock. Sven stopped. Before entering, he invoked upon the spirits of his ancestors and the Gods of his people to grant them safety and surety in their quest. The others offered prayers of their own, yet within each heart, the prayer was for the Light.

Geothermal activity kept the caves warm and dry, but there was also the danger of tremors. Some of the deeper sections had seen collapse in recent years. Time was always moving on and the Earth and all things moved with it. Sven studied the walls. Tales of bravery and valor. A timeline of legends and lore. Sven knew the stories, the heroes. He gained strength and calmness from these images. His people were never many and now they were few. To help free the Light would indeed be a great honor. A hero’s honor.

There was a restlessness as the men gathered around the fire. Sherman addressed them. “We have found the Light. She is safe for this time. Yet, we must be ever vigilant of the potential harm that could befall her. Should the Light be extinguished, so shall all that is good in this world. We must protect Her at all odds.”

“Then we should have stayed and done battle.” Montillio insisted. “Why do we hesitate? How can we possibly keep her safe from here?”

“She is safe.” replied Sherman. “The Light is strong and powerful. Do not doubt her ability to subsist. She has done so this far, without our help.” He paused. “She has much work to do before the Light can shine freely. This is her journey as well as ours.”

The men fell silent. They knew their captain was right. Kaspar had been heavily in thought. He knew the men were anxious. “We shall return to her in one months time.” He looked to Sherman for approval. “We can assess her safety and security. She is strong, yes, but she is also vulnerable. What is upon us, at this time, is a revelation like no other. She will need the support and protection of those who know the truth.” Montillio and Sven rumbled in agreement. Sherman had no choice but to comply with their wishes, for it was his wish also. The Light was vulnerable. They would return in one month.

The men spent the days stocking the ships and readying for battle. At night, they dreamt of Her powerful essence, Her luminous presence. They could feel the power across the miles. They could feel the warmth.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Light burned fiercely now and She knew that it would become more brilliant. The radiance and beauty of all things shone within and around her like never before. Sherman and his men had shown her the truth. She was now empowered to share the Light. Yet, with that power, caution was prudent. She knew that there would be those who were jealous of the Light, envious, perhaps even threatening. Those who would be blinded and those whose sight would be clouded. Who could she tell? Who could she trust? The Light burned, but She could not let it free just yet.


To Be Continued...


LCB 2020

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